Rituals, Express Your Soul Bed & Body Mist

Rituals, Express Your Soul Bed & Body Mist

Today Rituals is getting all the attention! I will review the limited edition packaging created by street artist MadC: Express Your Soul Bed & Body Mist. You all know by now that I have a big weakness for items that have a beautiful finish or packaging, I think we all can agree on that. When I saw they just released this collection I knew I had to get it! Luckily enough it was gifted to be, thank you so much Lotte by Coebergh! Because I have trouble with sleeping I thought this would be the perfect items to try out and I never used a bed spray before. Also because my cat Lilo likes to lay down on my bed, so my bed can use some freshness. Let’s get started to review Rituals Express Your Soul Bed & Body Mist!

Rituals Express Your Soul Bed & Body Mist MADC X RITUALS

Life is a work of art and your daily rituals are the colours that make up the painting of your life. For the new summer limited edition, Rituals teamed up with renowned street artist MadC who has made expressing her true self, her life’s passion. Follow your passion, master the art of rituals and express your soul.

Enjoy the limited edition refreshing bed and body mist! This spray gives your skin and surroundings a refreshing summery feeling. Combines the invigorating properties of Verbena with the floral citrus scent of Petitgrain.
*Safe for all textiles. Alcohol free and can therefore happily be used, even on sensitive skins.

How to use it: Spray this mist onto your body and bed linen

Ingredients: Aqua/ Water PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil Parfum/ Fragrance Polysorbate 20 Polyglyceryl-4 Caprate Propylene Glycol Citrus Aurantium Amara (Bitter Orange) Leaf/ Twig Oil Verbena Officinalis (Verbena) Leaf Extract Glycerin Tetrasodium Iminodisuccinate Citral Linalool Limonene Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone Eugenol Citronellol Geraniol Sodium Benzoate Potassium Sorbate Triethyl Citrate Caprylyl Glycol Benzoic Acid Sodium Hydroxide Citric Acid

Let’s start with the beautiful Rituals Express Your Soul Bed & Body Mist bottle. I love that it is made out of glass, it gives it instantly a luxurious feeling. Th street artist MadC made the print of this collection. To be honest I think she did an amazing job with illustrating ‘express your soul’. The green, yellow and kinda blue tones that are applied like the wind makes the look approachable and open-minded. No I’m not the best person who can describe art. What I’m trying to say is that this bottle looks amazing and that it is something you won’t hide in your vanity but let it stand on your desk. The cap is made out of wood which makes it more ‘close to nature’  feeling. I love it!

You really have to take a look at the whole collection because you need at least one item, don’t you? I mean, look how pretty it is. I would totally go for the body cream jar or their notebook! So crazy of me that I didn’t ask for the notebook, it would look amazing on my flatlays.

This Rituals Express Your Soul Bed & Body Mist can be used for your bed and textiles and body. I’ve been using it for my bed sheets and pillow for the last two weeks and I love the smell! It refresh it (doesn’t help when your bed really has to be changed) and gives it an amazing scent when you go asleep. The product doesn’t damage your sheets so don’t be afraid to overuse the spray, I’m guilty for spraying too much that even my pillow gets wet.

Beside a bed spray it is also a refreshing body spray. Laying in your backyard or going to the beach? Take the Express Your Soul spray with you for an instant cooling and refreshing feeling after you dipped into the sea or when enjoying your drink in the garden.

When I saw this collection at the store first, I already had an idea how the scent smelled: fresh and kind of flowery/lemon. Because of the overall look of this limited edition collection I thought it would be something fresh, I was right. The main ingredients of the Bed & Body spray (and the whole collection) are Verbena and Petitgrain.

Verbena creates the floral scent. It is a plant species that has 250 different types, so looking at the website of Rituals that is shown as Verbena, it looks like the Lemon Verbena to me. You may think now that it smells citrus because of the name, but Lemon Verbena actually creates a sweet scent!

Petitgrain is an essential oil that is extracted from the leaves and green twigs of the bitter orange tree. It also has a really lemon note in it beside the orange extracts. This is more overpowering to me than the Verbena in my opinion.

The moment you start spraying this in your room or body, the first thing you notice is fresh air. The orange and flowery scents are so well mixed together. First you will notice the orange scent and then the flower. When spraying this on my pillow, the only scent that really stays in the cotton is the orange scent.

So let’s move on to the whole experience! I used this most of the time for my pillow when my cat was around my room or when my boyfriend came over (sometimes we have to do our best). The first time I used the Bed & Body Spray I sprayed approximately 5 times for only 2 pillows. Never did I expected that the mist wasn’t that fine as I thought it would be. When you spray one time, a lot of product comes out of the bottle. The mist is just like when you spray a regular body spray, but I thought because this was a bed AND body spray that they would adjust the mist to a more delicate fine mist. The results are that your pillow will feel very wet at one spot. I have to mention that I spray about one meter above my pillow, with the bottle aimed to the ceiling so the product ‘falls’ down on my pillow. It is not like I sprayed it directly on to the pillow.

Enough about the mist, do I enjoy the fragrance and the effect of the Bed & Body spray? The fragrance is like lemon and fresh flowers to me, it is totally something I would use everyday as a perfume. The bottle also shows the right color mood which suit with the fragrance, they did an amazing job to illustrate the scent. It really makes the room and my bed feel and smell fresh! The first time when I used the spray I immediately lay down on my bed and enjoyed the moment. This scent is something everyone will enjoy when this is sprayed into a room, I doubt it that someone dislikes it! When I go to bed the scent has faded a way, but when you really smell into your pillow you may catch the spray. Some may think it is a waste of product if the scent disappears that fast (after 2/3 hours) from your pillow but you also have to think that you won’t sleep that good if you keep being distracted by the scent. Or just spray a few times before going to bed.

Beside being is a bed spray it is also perfect for your body! Can you imagine those sunny Spring days when you are wearing a nice top and you spray some of time on your chest or hair? Ohhh yes, don’t forget the hair! It is alcohol free so it won’t damage your (colored) hair. I must say that I’m more a fan of heavy powdery body sprays instead of fresh flowery ones. The scent will stay for a quiet long of time on your skin but the best thing is to spray it on your clothes for a long lasting effect.

I’m a big fan of Rituals, especially their candles (keep an eye during Christmas, they always release a beautiful limited edition XL candle!). I used their shower foams and hand creams but never a Bed & Body Spray, that was the reason why I wanted this do badly. I’m really surprised how well this product performs as a bed and body spray. This spray looks beautiful from the outside and it feels luxurious because of the glass bottle. The scent is lemon/flowery to me, it creates a fresh and rejuvenating sensation to me. I love spraying this on my pillow and in my hair, it gives it the right feeling when you lay down in bed after a sunny day.

You can buy your own Rituals Express Your Soul Bed & Body Mist for €16,50.

Thanks a lot for reading x

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(pr gifted for review)

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