MUA Cosmetics: correct, highlight and shape (GIVEAWAY)

MUA Cosmetics: correct, highlight and shape (GIVEAWAY)

Hi beautiful!

I’m hosting a giveaway for you today, you can win a MUA Cosmetics item. How exciting! There will be 3 winners and each of them will receive one of my favorite MUA Cosmetics item. I will give a small review about these 3 products so you can have an idea which one suits you the best so you can make a decision which one you like the most! Don’t be sad, if you don’t win or you are just impatience: Kruidvat (a Dutch drugstore shop) is having a great offer at the moment! You can purchase all of these MUA Cosmetics items for €5,99 now, great deal to be honest! Offer runs until 14th may so hurry up, maybe you can get something for Mothersday. Let’s get started!

These 3 products are my favorites: Bronze & Sculpt Contour Kit, Strobe & Glow Highlight Kit and Color & Correct Balancing Kit. Three of you are going to win one of these kits!

The Bronze & Sculpt is a great kit because they offer this one in two shades: light/medium and medium/dark. If you choose for this one, let me know which shade you would like to win! I have a NC20/ivory skintone and the light/medium works the best for me. I love this one because the bronzer is beautiful on the skin without any weird shimmers and the highlighter is subtile but buildable.

The Strobe & Glow kit in the shade Pink Luster is just beautiful on its own, have you seen the pattern already? It hurts when I mess up this powder. I don’t have to explain a lot why I love this kit because the looks of the powder says enough but also it is a great product. The highlight powder works amazing and gives your skin an instant glow! The strobe is easy to blend on the skin and doesn’t look dry or cakey (my worst nightmare when I hear ‘strobe’).

The Color & Correct kit is suitable for everyone! I use this as a finishing powder and the green concealer is something everyone will need when they have red skin around their nose or around their eyes. The powder looks cute with all the different colors which also have a function. The different colors will work on all the skin problems: redness, dark circles, uneven skintone etc. Great product that everyone needs in their stash.

Bronze & Sculpt Contour Kit

A bronzer and and highlighter in one, a great kit you can’t miss. I always get nervous when I look for the perfect bronzer because sometimes they can contain a lot of shimmers. Shimmers are my worst enemy with my oily skin, it makes my skin look even more oily and the shimmers start to move on my oily skin and it just looks terrible! That’s why I was so happy when I discovered that this kit has a matte bronzer and doesn’t have a orange undertone.

The highlighter is beautiful and will work with every blush. Sometimes when you wear a bronzer and a blush the highlight has to be a specific color before it really pops. With this one you don’t have to be afraid to have this problem because in my opinion it will work great with every color. It might look very subtile but it is also very easy to apply more powder, it is buildable!

Swatch left to right: highlight and bronzer

Color & Correct Balancing Kit

Colour and correcting, something that wasn’t that big a while ago in the beauty industry. We all want that flawless skin and even skintone, but some people forget that you have correct things to make a beautiful canvas instead of applying layers of foundations. The first powder is a color correcting powder: it contains purple, green, yellow and red. Purple is a color that will neutralize your skintone, green is for redness, yellow is for brighting and red is for dark circles. All of these colors will create the perfect finishing powder for over your foundation or to set your eye makeup. Imagine this powder as the Powder of Powders because it will target all of your skin problems! It is an all transparent powder, use it as a finishing/setting powder!

On the bottom you will find a green waxy concealer. Great for using around your nose which is usually the area that gets red. You can use the green concealer anywhere on the face that has a red spot! The wax is creamy and easy to blend, I don’t have any problems with it. Even when I apply foundation or concealer on top of it, it won’t move.

Swatch left to right: powder and green wax concealer, you can see how transparent the powder is!

Strobe & Glow Highlight Kit

Highlight that face because you have to be seen! Who doesn’t use a highlighter everyday? How amazing is it if you can use two kinds of highlighters on your face to make it pop? Let me introduce you to the powder and strobe. The powder is magnificent, beautiful, pretty, damn fine: is this clear enough? I love it! I picked the shade Pink Luster and I’m digging this one over the Pearl color because the Pink Luster has a beautiful pink undertone which will suit every kind of skintone. It feels soft on the skin and the powder feels like satin, so easy to apply! Don’t start about the pretty pattern, I know it is too pretty to use!

The strobe is something new to me, I don’t like creamy products on the cheeks or nose to highlight. Again, my skin is super oily so I avoid anything that feels thick or makes my skin feel heavy. But this is luckily a strobe product that feels light on the skin and won’t clog the pores. I was surprised how it looked on my skin because I didn’t really see a difference between them but this would be great for people with dry skin.

Swatch left to right: powder and strobe.


So you as my follower/reader/stalker/lover can win one of these kits above! There are a few rules before you make a chance to win one of these kits:

  1. Follow my Instagram account @thebeauparlour
  2. Look for the MUA Cosmetics Giveaway post that looks similar like the shots here
  3. Tag 2 friends in the post and tell me which one of these kits you would like to win!
  4. FOR EXTRA ENTRIES: Leave a comment down below and tell me which one of these kits you would like to win and the name of your Instagram account.

Giveaway starts now and runs until 10th may. Announcement will be done on Instagram and each winner will receive a DM from me. Winners of each kit will be selected random (you can see me doing a Instastory while the selects a winner for me). Only open for Dutch citizens. Giveaway Instagram accounts are not allowed and I will check if you followed the rules + the extra entries. Of course you will receive a brand new kit from me.

Don’t forget: if you are impatience and you need your MUA Cosmetics items now, head over to the Kruidvat for their special deal. Everything you see here above (+ the setting sprays) are now available for only €5,99!

Thanks a lot for reading x

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  1. May 8, 2017 / 11:19

    Wow, they all look amazing to be honest! 🙈 But for me I would love to try the Color & correct balancing kit ^^ My skin has all redness going on lately and I still in search for that perfect correcting product, so my base makeup will look all smooth ★ Thank you for hosting this giveaway babe and good luck to all! ♥

  2. May 8, 2017 / 12:02

    Wat heb je weer een prachtige foto’s gemaakt zeg

  3. May 8, 2017 / 21:14

    Superleuke review! Ziet er echt heel leuk uit😍 Ook leuk dat je een winactie doet, ik doe zeker mee:) Mijn instagram is @stylevhibes

  4. May 10, 2017 / 16:01

    Oh gaaf!! Ik zag je Instagram post en dacht ik lees ook je blog gelijk! Mijn Instagram is nikkis.picks en ik zou echt graag de bronze& sculpt willen om er een review over te filmen!

  5. Maartje
    May 10, 2017 / 18:26

    De strobe en glow kit ziet er echt heel mooi uit. Heb droge huid en moeite met een highlighter vinden die egaal blijft zitten op mijn huid. Mijn instagram naam is @maartjewendelmoet

  6. Aida
    May 10, 2017 / 19:47

    Super mooie foto’s! K zou graag de strobe& glow kit willen😻 Mijn gram ,, @xaida.s 💫

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