Spectrum Collections: The Bomb Shell, Pearly Queen

Spectrum Collections: The Bomb Shell, Pearly Queen

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It is time for another Spectrum Collections review! You know I love these brushes by now (if you follow me on Instagram), this is my second set and they always surprise me with all the colors they launch. This set is called The Bomb Shell – Pearly Queen set. I have a huge weakness for pretty looking things, brushes are one of them. At the moment I try to create my Ultimate Brush Set, which is hard because not every brand or type of brush works for me. So I hope that I can find a few brushes in this set that I can include in my Ultimate Brush Set. Let’s get started!

I already talked about the Spectrum Collections brushes before! You can read my previous blogpost here!

The Bomb Shell – Pearly Queen set includes 12 gorgeous brushes, in a stunning new colourway, of blush, rose gold, and hot pink. The brushes are a mix of our new luxe, contour, and essential brushes, and the case is a shell shape, in a beautiful holographic finish with rose gold zip & detailing, complete with a gorgeous sky blue lining, just to make your brushes pop. Oh, and did we mention it has a detachable rose gold chain so you can also use it as a bag? We know you want to!

The brush heads are full size, but the handles are slightly shorter, making them handbag friendly, you can take these babes everywhere and keep your makeup on point, that is when they’re no on display looking lit in their case. The best thing about this baby is that it’s even prettier in real life, pictures really can’t do it justice.

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These brushes come with a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious shell case! I’ve never been this excited about a brush case, maybe the main reason why I got this brush set. The shell has a metallic finish and inside you find elastic bands to hold your brushes in their place. It is not only a brush holder, but you can also use it as a bag! You receive a gold chain with it which you can click on the case: now you have a bag! If I am honest I don’t use the case anymore. After receiving my package I took some photo’s and stored my brushes in my brush stash. The case is somewhere now!

This set is specially designed for traveling: the handles are shorter than their usual brush sets! They fit easily in your makeup bag without any hassle and you can even throw them in your handbag when you are in a rush! First I thought it wouldn’t make any difference when the handles are shorter, but when I traveled a few days to London I didn’t need a separate bag for my brushed because they all fitted in my makeup bag! More space for new makeup items 馃檪


A00 – Luxe Powder

Everyone need a big, fluffy, colorful, wide brush in their life. This is one of them! The Luxe Powder is an all over the face brush which can be used as a finishing powder brush for setting loose powder or when you want to apply that subtile summer bronzy glow on your face and chest. I like to use this for applying a finishing powder after putting on makeup.


A05 – Precision Blush

Lately I’m all into the blushes! My current favorite is made by Zoeva but the hairs are starting to fall out, that how often I use the brush. Now I’m kind of looking for a replacement and this one looks like it’s the one. The Precision Blush is angled so you can target the area better for applying blush or contour. The only thing I don’t like about this brush is that it is too dense for a blush brush. I like a more steady bristled when it comes to blush brushes so I can really apply the powder at one spot. Maybe I have to get used to this shape but for now I will still use my favorite Zoeva Blush brush.


A02 – Angled Foundation

Again, my current Zoeva Flat Kabuki Brush is my favorite brush for applying foundation. It’s a little torn out at the moment so a new brush is high needed. The difference between my current foundation brush and the Angled Foundation brush by Spectrum Collections is that it is angled (duhhh). The bristles are a bit shorter which makes it more steady for applying foundation and I do find this better than the Zoeva one! The Angled Foundation is way more easy to use because the tip of the brush can reach narrow placed like around the nose. One thing which can be better is the amount of bristles, I prefer a fat brush but at the moment the brush is just fine!


A07 – Colour Applicator

One of my favorites of this set! As you can see the brush is dirty because I use it very often, maybe one that I can include in my Ultimate Brush Set? The Colour Applicator is a brush which can be used for all over the eyelid. I use is for applying the base colour on my lids. The tip is wide so it reach your whole eyelid and the bristles are short but dense. It feels pleasant when you use it on your eyelids: it doesn’t make it feel irritated or tickling.


A13 – Short Smudge

Eyebrushes are a need for every makeup lover. Some eyeshadows like Colourpop Cosmetics only work with synthetic brushes. Spectrum Collections are 100% cruelty-free which means you can enjoy these brushes without feeling guilty. These brushes will work great with every kind of eyeshadow. The Short Smudge brush has a small short tip, perfect for applying or your lower lash line.


A12 – Fluffy Pencil

The Fluffy Pencil can be used in many ways. I prefer using this brush for applying powder in the inner corner for a more popping effect. Also I find this the perfect brush for shading the crease when you find it hard to create the first crease line. Or to apply a small amount of eyeshadow powder on a specific place. Overall this is a multifunctional brush (all of the brushes are). Don’t get confused by the look of this brush, because it may look like a blending brush but these bristles are shorter and more firm.


A14 – Winger Definer

To create the perfect winged eyeliner you need the perfect brush and control the technique. The bristles can’t be too dense otherwise your line wont be neat. It works great for creating a winged eyeliner look! Also a great tool to use as a brow brush to fill them in. I think this would be better to line your brows and fill them in with another brush or with a pencil.


A15 – Lip Liner

To be honest, I don’t need this brush. I never used it and I never won’t because I own tons of lipliners and I have a steady hand. Maybe  a great tool when you have clients and you need to mix colors, than it would be great! Or as a hygienic thing that you won’t need to apply the lipstick directly on your clients. I do find the tip sharp but dense enough to use it as a liner and to fill in your lips.


B05 – Luxe Blender

A Luxe Blender, a new brush of Spectrum Collections! This is a multifunctional brush but in my eyes it is mostly used as a precision contour. I’ve seen makeup artist using this brush as a big eyeshadow shader brush but I find it more convenient as a contour or maybe highlighter brush. I prefer this as a contour instead of a highlighter brush because the bristles are not dense enough to create that natural glow from within. It is way more better as a precision brush, maybe a setting brush for you under eye concealer!


B06 – Tall Tapered Blender

Everyone needs the Tall Tapered Blender brush! This is totally my favorite brush of all time (in the range of eyeshadow brushes). I use this as a blending brush for applying/blending eyeshadow in the crease. It has the perfect length and dense to beautifully blend the shadows all together! Because of the density of this brush, it is also great as a contour brush for your nose. I use this brush only for contouring my nose. It picks up the right amount of bronzing powder and it creates a well blended line on my nose to make it look more sharp (I have a flat Asian nose and I NEED to contour my nose every single day!).


C02 – Flat Top Contour

I already spoke about a few other brushes that can be used as a contour brush, but this one is a special baby! She is designed to create the perfect shape along your cheekbone to create that contour line. Also great for contouring your nose! It may look too big but this is amazing to create that natural shading beside your nose bridge. I own a similar brush from Zoeva but the bristles are pointing all the sideways and with the Spectrum Collections I never have this problem! The bristles are always staying at the same place and they never (!!!) loose their hair.


C03 – Tulip Powder

This brush was one of the reasons why I needed this set! At first I thought it would be perfect for blush and contour application, but I was a bit disappointed. It is a bit too fluffy for contour but a great toot for bronzing and setting your face and baking. The Tulip Powder brush has a unique shape, it looks like the tip of an egg. Round and pointy make this brush extra fluffy and flexible to target your whole face. The best way to use this brush is in my opinion for applying blush and setting your face.


I can’t be happy enough about these brushes. The one and only reason why you need these babies in your life is the color (unicorn porn). My favorite brushes are the Colour Applicator, Tall Tapered Blender and the Tulip powder. Only one of them made it in into my Ultimate Brush set: Tall Tapered Blender! This brush is perfect for applying eyeshadow, especially for blending into to crease and contouring the side of your nose. It feels fluffy, the hairs always stay perfect and the shape is on point. In my opinion the Spectrum Collection brushes are the most soft synthetic brushes I have ever used! Beside the fluffy feeling it is also cruelty-free and no unicorns were harmed in creating these brushes.

All of the Spectrum Collections brushes are super soft! Like they are made of high quality $200 brushes. It feels dense when you apply the brush on the face and the bristles stay beautiful even after you washed them a few times. I can recommend everyone these brushes because they are cruelty-free and absolutely gorgeous! I can’t tell you why you don’t need them in your life, it would be ridiculous if you are not mesmerized by these beautiful colors!

You can get your own The Bomb Shell Pearly Queen set on the official Spectrum Collections webshop for £79.99 GBP.

Thanks a lot for reading <3

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  1. January 25, 2017 / 12:38

    These brushes are so Cute! I’m with you on the case though, I don’t think I’d ever use it… The shorted stems sound like a great idea too, I hate it when my brushes won’t fit properly into my makeup bags



    • thebeauparlour
      January 29, 2017 / 21:16

      Thankyou for reading babe! <3 glad to hear u like them! Yeaaa if i think about it know it would be better if i ordered the travel brush roll which is also perfect to story other brushes when u are traveling!

    • An Dang
      February 9, 2017 / 16:56

      Yeaa they are lovely! It doesn’t matter wether it is blue, black or pink: these brushes perform sooo good~!

  2. January 30, 2017 / 21:51

    These brushes look so fun and pretty and you’ve captured them beautifully. Especially loving the pink tips. Love that the handles are shorter too – so handy for travelling as I tend to not pack light!
    beauxdiaries.com xx

    • An Dang
      February 9, 2017 / 16:57

      Hii babe! Thankyouu so much for reading. Yes these brushes are amazing and I’m still in love with them <3

  3. January 31, 2017 / 03:23

    Ahhh these brushes are so pretty! They’re definitely the unicorn of brushes, and the quality sounds wonderful too! Im happy with my Real Technique brushes, but I really want these too! 馃槏

    Jenny // Geeky Posh

    • An Dang
      February 9, 2017 / 16:58

      Yea I still use my RT tools very often but these are just a dream! I’m in love with the design and color so much. Thanks for reading honn <33

  4. February 22, 2017 / 00:19

    Fantastic post! I now want to buy these! <3

    • thebeauparlour
      March 8, 2017 / 12:12

      Thanks for reading dear! Yess they are absolutely fabulous u have to get them <3

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