MINTD Box, The Rejuvenate Kit

MINTD Box, The Rejuvenate Kit

Hii beauty’s!

It is time for another beautiful beautybox unboxing from MINTD Box, January is all about Rejuvenate. After Christmas and New Year your body needs some rest, great excuse to pamper yourself. The month January can be hard for some of us, so this box will take care of your skin. It contains amazing products to make you skin look radiant, smooth and renewed. The Holiday Box I received from MINTD Box last month was amazing, one of the best beautyboxes I’ve ever received! So I have really high expectations right now, but I think I don’t need to worry that much. Thank you so much to the MINTD Box Team for sending me The Rejuvenate Box! Let’s get started!

What is MINTD Box and why are they not like all the other beautyboxes out there? Well, compared to other beautyboxes they offer at least 4/5 full size beauty products in their boxes. How amazing is that? Most of the time you forget the little travel size products you receive, which is such a waste of money. Now you really have enough product to really get to know the brand and the product itself instead of a little sample. The products they use for their boxes are mostly exclusive high end brands, a real threat for yourself! In this box they included brands like Magicstripes, Dermalogica and so many more. The whole idea behind the MINTD Box is that you receive products that are worth the price. The experts of MINTD Box handpick the items by your personal taste.

How does MINTD Box works? First you have to pick which subscription you want. They offer 4 subscription programs: 1 month (£65), 3 months (£190,50), 6 months (£381) and 12 months (£762). They also offer a bi-monthly service, which means you will receive an amazing box every 2 months. Than you will create your personal beauty profile so the experts can select the products that will suit you the most. Last step and most important one: place your order and wait for the box! They ship their boxes within 1 working day so you can enjoy them and spoil yourself! Currently you can order your MINTD Box when you are located in the UK, North America, Western Europe and Australia.

This is The Rejuvenate Box! This month the MINTD Box contains 3 full size and 2 deluxe size products. The 2 deluxe size products are in my opinion great products with a big amount of product to really get to know the item. They are totally different from a ‘travel size’ product, one of the reasons why I Love MINTD Box! The whole box is worth £159 but you only pay £65! Also, you can use the coupon code WELCOME17 to get free shipping on this box!

  • Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant (available at, Travel Size £17 / Full Size £55)
  • Magicstripes Detox Mask (available at, Full Size £31 )
  • African Botanics Hand Cream (available at, Full Size £46)
  • EviDens Day Moisturiser (available at, Travel Size £41 / Full Size £205)
  • Sond Hydrating Face Spray (available at, Full Size £24)

  Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant (13g)

– available at, Travel Size £17 / Full Size £55 –

You and me are the first one in the world who get to know this product, it is a world exclusive launch of Dermalogica’s newest product: Daily Superfoliant. This brand new item is going to be your skin saviour when you struggle with skin that looks uneven, brown sports or fine lines. This innovative powder form is gentle enough for daily use but powerful enough to give immediate results. It will leave your skin ultra-smooth and over time your skin troubles will fade away.

Directions: after washing your face, dispense half a teaspoon into wet hands and create a creamy/foamy paste by rubbing your hands together. Apply the cream on your face and make circular motions. Wash your face with warm water.

A super exfoliate powder, which you can use on a daily basis .. to make your skin smooth and renews the skin rapidly: YES! The first time I used it I had some trouble with making the powder creamy and foamy, my bad. I didn’t use enough powder but it still worked. Second time it went well, so did my skin. My skin feels amazing after the first time! Smooth and even was the first thing I noticed. I couldn’t stop touching my face. Beside the amazing results my skin stayed really nourished after I exfoliated with the powder. Usually my skin can pull a bit because of the dryness after I use a scrub or exfoliater, but with this product I don’t have this problem!

Magicstripes Detox Mask (3pieces)

– available at, Full Size £31 –

The Detox Masks by Magicstripes are made of ultra fine clay on a microfiber sheet. The clay has an excellent cleaning function but also helps shaping and tightening your skin. It will take care of deeply cleanse, firming and minimize large pores on your skin. You skin will look smooth, fine lines disappear, clear and hydrated!

Directions: Clean your face before applying. Take out the mask which has 2 pieces. Grab the piece and remove the film before applying it onto the face. Leave it for 20-30 minutes till it becomes dry and shaped. When the mask is hard and dry you can start removing it by pulling it off and rinse your face with water afterwards.

If you followed me on my blog and Instagram you know that I’m a huge fan of face masks. Doesn’t matter in which form it comes, I will love it! So I was so excited to try this out, especially because this is my first clay mask. When I opened the mask it was one hell of a messy job. The clay was all over my hand and my table and it really took me some time to place the two pieces on my face. Warning: put your hair away because the clay will be everywhere! It feels good on the skin after a while, I don’t have the feeling that it feels tight or heavy on my face. After the masks has completely dried I removed the mask, that was the funniest thing! The mask had the shape of my face, fun to see. My skin feels really smooth afterwards but I don’t see any tightening or fine lines that disappeared. But it was a really fun experience to use this clay mask!

African Botanics Hand Cream (60ml)

– available at, Full Size £46 –

The amazing African Botanics created a hand cream which has restorative, hydrating and youth-enhancing ingredients to help treat dry, chapped, sensitive or irritated skin. This hand cream is packed with oils, butters and botanicals. It is formulated to sooth, soften and hydrate while combating the appearance of age spots and evening out skin tone.

Directions: Wash your hands and apply the desired amount to your hands and cuticles. Massage into the skin until completely absorbed.

The previous beautyboxes I received from other company’s always included a hand cream, every month. It made me angry because I don’t use hand cream that often, that was one of the main reasons why I stopped my subscriptions. BUT this hand cream is next level, totally different from other hand creams! This hand cream became one of my favorite hand creams of all time, it beats my favorite Ginseng hand cream by Rituals and the famous one by L’Occitane. The scent is like a garden full of flowers and it makes my skin so soft! It really is a luxurious hand cream, I can’t believe that a hand cream makes me this happy!

EviDens Day Moisturiser (10ml)

– available at, Travel Size £41 / Full Size £205 – 

A travel size moisturiser this expensive must be amazing! This fine and luscious cream will make your skin feel soft and comfortable. It will stimulate the inner and outer protection when using this moisturiser. It will smooth out fine lines and deeper wrinkles while revitalising the skin.

Directions: Gently massage a few drops every morning on your cleansed face and neck.

I already knew this brand because of my lovely friend Mika! She posted an unboxing a while ago, also from the MINTD Box. A few months ago they also included an item of Evidens and I was really impressed because of the luxurious but simple jar. I had high expectations when I used this moisturiser. This might look like a small amount but you really need a few dots to cover your whole face. The moisturiser is so creamy that it glides on your skin and after massage it will absorb into the skin. The fragrance can be a bit strong for some people with a sensitive nose. If I describe the smell (which I can’t) it is similar to a pretty niche moisturiser: they just have an expensive smell!

Sond Hydrating Face Spray (100ml)

– available at, Full Size £24 –

Even cats like these face spray! This spray will boost the health and appearance of your skin in just a few sprays. The face spray will bring relief to your skin when you struggle with symptoms like acne, psoriasis and eczema. You will get an instant refreshing feeling, a skin that looks hydrated, awake and primed for you next skincare steps!

Directions: Shake product well, hold bottle 30cm from the face and spray.

To be honest, I only use face spray to wet my makeup sponges. My skin can become very oily so that’s why I try to void them because they make my skin look shiny after a while. But of course I tried it out for you! The spray bottle is really big, you can easily use this for a long amount of time! With similar face sprays I experience a weird fragrance but this one doesn’t have that weird chemical or overpowering flower smell. When I try to absorb the face spray into my skin, a sticky feeling creates on my face. It is like the essence doesn’t want enter my skin. Hmmm, so not really a big fan of the face spray.

Like I told you before in my previous MINTD Box review I really enjoy these beautyboxes! They include items which makes me happy and that I can really use and fit in my beauty regime. The most favorite item in this January box is without a doubt the African Botanics Hand Cream! This is not like your ordinary hand cream that you can purchase at your local drugstore or jar that stands on your vanity, this is real luxury for your hands. It feels and smells amazing and the results are tremendous, perfect for the cold weather.

So we got 3 full size and 2 travel size products which are worth over £159 but you only pay £65. When I look at all these products and the items that I will definitely continue using, than the £65 will be totally worth it! With the discount code WELCOME17 you will also receive this box with free shipping. If the face spray was replaced with another item, than this box would be perfect! At this moment I can recommend the January box to people with a dry/combination skin or when you want to try new brands. If you have an oily skin (like me, I’m like sunflower oil all the way) you will also enjoy this box, but again the face spray is just not my thing!

Thanks a lot for reading <3

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  1. January 4, 2017 / 21:03

    I’m not usually a fan of getting hand creams in subscription boxes (or even in general) , so to hear you say that the African Botanics Hand Cream is your favorite item is a huge testament of how amazing it must be! 馃榾 The Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant sounds awesome too, who doesn’t want soft smooth skin everyday!

    Jenny // Geeky Posh

    • thebeauparlour
      January 9, 2017 / 11:49

      Yessss I was also really surprised that I loved this handcream so much! I’m still a bit too lazy to use handcream everyday but this is the best I’ve ever tried! Thanks for reading honnn <3

  2. January 5, 2017 / 00:12

    Babe this is such a great review and I love all of your photos, of course! I have not used any Dermalogica products before but this sounds like a great product, especially for our oily skin. I’m wondering what the pH level of it is, I’ll have to look at the ingredients of it as I’m interested in it too but from how you described it sounds really good. Wow clay on masks, that sounds like a great invention and I love clay products, Magic Stripes is a hit/miss brand but this sounds like an interesting product. I love African Botanics, the hand cream sounds so luxurious and great that MINTD included another hand cream from their last one few months ago (which I also really liked). I don’t use hand creams that often except during really cold days and exceptions, as you know it’s pretty much summer all year round here except lately it’s been Fall weather here. Another EviDenS product included is interesting since they had already a night cream recently (that I really like and thank you for the shout out babe!), but a day moisturizer sounds really luxurious. I bet it must be a rich cream for our oily skin, this brand really focuses on more mature skin I feel like but I love the focus on Japanese skincare mixing with French skincare, it’s why I enjoy trying more from them with MINTD! Their fragrance is really strong but I like it. Aww I love that you included your little kitty! I love seeing her in pictures. The Sond mist sounds really good, I love using mists because it’s quick and my skin enjoys lighter hydration at times but there are also times mists can give me a lot of hydration that I need. This face spray sounds not that great though that’s too bad! I hope other products from the brand will be better! This box does sound like it’s geared for dry/combo skin, which tends to happen a lot of times because our oily skin not a lot of people have it and it’s hard to target products for, unfortunately, which also making other people happy too. Thanks so much for your great review babe! I can always trust your opinions on things! 馃檪


    • thebeauparlour
      January 9, 2017 / 11:46

      Thankyouuu so much for reading babe and your lovely comment <333 maybe I can send u the facemist because I think I won't be using this one anymore ):

  3. January 7, 2017 / 15:02

    I really enjoyed reading this review, it’s fantastic! This is such a great time of year to to detox, whether it’s skin or body and this box sounds perfect! 馃檪 x

    Jessica |

    • thebeauparlour
      January 9, 2017 / 11:44

      Thankyou so much for reading hon! this box is the perfect combi to help destress your body after the holidays! X

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