MINTD Box, The Holiday Box

MINTD Box, The Holiday Box

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If you read my previous beautybox unboxing, you might have seen that I said I’m not going to do another Lookfantastic  beautybox unboxing (I got a subscription for 12 months, ends coming february) until I find one that really makes me happy. Guess what? MINTD Box gifted me this amazing The Holiday Box and this is absolutely THE best beautybox I’ve ever received! I can’t be thankful enough to get this amazing box because literally every item they included in The Holiday Box is beautiful and something everyone will use. No more Lookfantastic beautyboxes for me, I found my new subscription! Great timing you may can say (; Getting curious why I am so excited about this box? Let’s get started!

What is MINTD Box and why are they not like all the other beautyboxes out there? Well, compared to other beautyboxes they offer at least 4/5 full size beauty products in their boxes. How amazing is that? Most of the time you forget the little travel size products you receive, which is such a waste of money. Now you really have enough product to really get to know the brand and the product itself instead of a little sample. The products they use for their boxes are mostly exclusive high end brands, a real threat for yourself! In this box they included brands like Oskia (love love this brand!), Anne Semonin, REN and so many more. The whole idea behind the MINTD Box is that you receive products that are worth the price. The experts of MINTD Box handpick the items by your personal taste.

How does MINTD Box works? First you have to pick which subscription you want. They offer 4 subscription programs: 1 month (£65), 3 months (£190,50), 6 months (£381) and 12 months (£762). Than you will create your personal beauty profile so the experts can select the products that will suit you the most. Last step and most important one: place your order and wait for the box! They ship their boxes within 1 working day so you can enjoy them and spoil yourself! Currently you can order your MINTD Box when you are located in the UK, North America, Western Europe and Australia.


The Holiday Box has 6 products (actually 7!) that are Premium brands stocked in Harrods, Selfridges, Space NK and Net a Porter. This box is not part of the subscription but one that you can buy beside it for one time. A great way to get to know MINTD Box or to spoil yourself during these cold days. This month the box contains 5 full size products and 2 super deluxe size. Even the 2 deluxe size products are in my opinion great size to test them out! All the products in this box are worth £153 in total! That is a great deal when you think about that you pay £80 for this box (use code HOLIDAY10 to get 10% off)!

The following products are in this box:

  • Anne Semonin, Exfoliating Mask (full size, £42 available at
  • REN, Keep Young & Beautiful Instant Beauty Shot (full size, £36 available at
  • Oskia, Beauty Bedtime Boost (full size, £23,40 available at
  • Magicstripes, Wake Me Up Collagen Eye Patches (full size, £28 available at
  • Anne Semonin, Botanical Toner & Milk (travel size £14, available at
  • Cleanse By Lauren Napier, Facial Wipes (full size £8, available at

Oskia, Beauty Bedtime Boost (15ml)

 – full size, £23,40 available at –

A luxurious nigh cream that is packed with ingredients like Vitamins A, B1, B3, B5, B6, C, D and so on! This patented anti ageing ingredients, nutrients and floral extracts to provide your skin the most rich and luxurious boost to use at night. This supercharged night cream helps to prevent your skin from premature ageing and it gives you a softer, healthier-looking morning complexion. Wake up with a better skin, a better you!

How to use: massage into clean skin on the face, neck and décolleté every evening for best results.

Oskia is a skincare brand I really adore, but personally its on the pricy side for me. So you may can imagine how thrilled I was when I saw this item! First of all, the jar is so cute. Great for my flatlay pictures and displaying it on my vanity. Everything that is for using at night (nightcream, sleeping mask, hair masks etc.) is just a little party for me. I’m usually that lazy girl who doesn’t have much time in the morning, that’s why my night routine has more steps. The first thing what came in my mind when I opened the lid was: it smells so delightful! I love when night creams are more heavy and that the fragrance really makes you feel dreamy while you lay in bed. Its disappears right away into the skin and it leaves a soft finish behind. Oskia never disappoints me!

Anne Semonin, Botanical Toner & Milk (2x40ml)

– super deluxe size, £14 available at –

These Botanical Milk Makeup Cleanser is a great universal cleanser that has a light texture but deeply soothing. The cleanser lifts all the makeup and impurities away while softening, rehydrating and protection your skin with the hazelnut oil and marine algae they included in this item. The Botanical Toner is formulated with hazel for its anti-oxidant and astringent properties to gentle tone, soothe and rebalance your skin.

How to use: for morning & night, apply a small amount of the milk on your face and neck with your fingertips. Gently massage it into the skin so it lifts off the makeup and impurities. After this you apply the toner with a cotton pad to balance your skin.

I didn’t use a milk cleanser for a long time! I think the last time was at the age of 9, when I used my mom’s milk cleanser and I had no idea how to use it. The soft feeling after you just cleansed your face with the milk is something I really missed. The milk cleanser feel so nice on my skin and it takes a short amount of time to dissolve the makeup (didn’t try it for my waterproof eye makeup, I always use a special cleanser for my eyes). Because my skin is always super oily, I make sure that I cleanse my face with water after using the milk cleanser instead of wipe it away with a cotton pad, not a big fan of it. The toner is amazing! I would love if they include a full size of this product. My skin feels smooth and it looks more even after I used it. It doesn’t have any heavy fragrance, just a subtile amount of freshness. Loving it!

Anne Semonin, Exfoliating Mask (75ml)

– full size, £42 available at –

The Exfoliating Mask is designed to get your skin cleared from all the dead skin cells, excess oil and bacteria. It restores your skin’s natural balance, the face mask will gently smooth the texture of your and reveal a bright, radiant complexion! The microbeads are made out of red seaweed, it will exfoliate dead skin cells and absorb impurities.

How to use: apply a thing layer on face and neck. Massage your face with your fingertips and make circular motions to let the microbeads do its job. Wipe away the excess.

I was just looking for a good exfoliation product, great timing .. thank you so much! I found a product that really makes my skin feels super soft without making it dry or patchy after using it. After massage the product into my skin, I wipe away the excess product and let it sit for 10/15 minutes. After that I remove the mask with luke warm water and the results are a more even skintone and a super soft baby bump face! Beside the results, I really like the packaging. My little sister was amazed by how technic this packaging was and that it was a great way to keep the product fresh.

REN, Keep Young & Beautiful Instant Beauty Shot (30ml)

– full size, £36 available at –

A gel serum that instantly firms, lifts and plumps the skin to leave it looking dramatically smoother, tighter and more youthful. This serum encourages elastin, remodelling over time for a fresh-faced feeling. A liquid matric of Hyaluronans supercharges the skin with forming moisture and encourages the skin over time to look younger.

How to use: apply two or three drops to clean skin and massage it with your fingertips. Follow with your usual moisturizer. Possible to reapply it during the day, pat the serum gently onto the skin to absorb.

Ohhhh I’m getting so spoiled! I received many samples of REN in my other beautyboxes, but did I ever tried them out? No, a fullsize product looks more attractive to use. So I did right away when this came in the mail. I was a bit afraid because they describe this serum as a gel-serum, which makes me afraid to layer it with other products. Most of the time gel products don’t go well with some of my foundations, they start to peel when I combine them. With this serum I don’t have that problem, it actually sinks into the skin as a liquid product and it makes my skin look smooth. Not sure if it really works for anti ageing but so far I’m really happy with this serum.

Cleanse By Lauren Napier, Facial Wipes (5 sachet)

– full size, £8 available at –

Makeup artist Lauren Napier made these facial wipes because she thinks “there is beauty in taking it off'”. Slightly textured to help remove impurities, this travel-friendly set of five cleansing wipes is enriched with soothing Aloe, Chamomilla and Cucumber Extracts to help calm and refresh your skin.

How to use: Remove from package, unfold, use throughout face, neck and décolletage & discard!

I always have a few facial wipes with me in my bag, usually it’s the big packaging with sometimes 30 wipes. It takes a lot of space in my bag, so taking these individual facial wipes saves so much space in my bag (and weight). This is definitely something I will throw in my bag! Great to hear that they infused Aloe and Cucumber Extracts in these wipes because makeup wipes are mostly very harsh for my skin, but these feel so gently on my skin. It doesn’t gives my face an irritated or dry results afterwards, but it keeps it moisturised and healthy-looking. Last but not least, the fragrance is SO soft, it reminds me of autumn! It is not your typical makeup wet tissue scent that is most of the time drenched in alcohol.

Magicstripes, Wake Me Up Collagen Eye Patches (5patches)

– full size, £28 available at –

These concentrated cooling eyepatches reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles and eye bags and revive tired eyes even with just one application. The cooling effect of these patches will make your eye less puffy and helps to moderate dark circles and eye bags. The Hyaluronic acid provide the skin with an extra portion of moisture and reduce immediately small wrinkles, fine lines and signs of dryness. Collagen increases the skin elasticity.

How to use: remove from package, apply to clean, dry face under the eyes. After 20-30 minutes remove the patches and let the essence sink into the under eye skin.

I’m a big fan of face masks, especially eye patches because they really make me feel that I’m in a wellness. These eye patches have a jelly/gel texture while other brands have a really thin eye patch that feels like paper. I really enjoyed using this eye patch because it makes my eyes look more open and less puffy (I used this while I was having the flu). I used it one twice so I can’t tell if it makes my fine wrinkles less visible but I can say that it changes my under eye skin from being puffy and dark to less swollen and bright! Only negative side is that these patches won’t stay on my face, they move when you walk around while I don’t have this problem with other gel eye patches. So make sure that you lay down while you use this.

The Holiday Box is a special box they offer beside their regular monthly subscriptions. This box contains one of my favorite skincare brands in full size like Oskia and REN, they made me a really happy girl with this Holiday Box! My favorite items must be the Anne Semonin Exfoliating Mask and the REN Keep Young & Beautiful Instant Beauty Shot. The Anne Semonin mask is a real treatment for my skin, after using it for the first time it did so much for my skin! It felt amazingly soft and it looked glowy instantly. Beside the product I think that the packaging is really innovative to keep the product fresh in the tube. The REN product is a favorite of me because I love the brand and I love how this serum disappears instantly into my skin even when it is gel-formulated.

This box is available for £80 while all the products in this box are worth£153 (use code HOLIDAY10 to get 10% off)! It might sounds expensive but when you look at all the items and the full size products they included in this box, it is a great deal. Also a fun way to get to know these brands and a great box to give it to someone as a gift. Get your Holiday Box as fast as you can because they have limited boxes available. When this box is out of stock, you still can get your regular subscription from MINTD Box so don’t worry! I can say that you will never see me writing an unboxing about the Lookfantastic boxes ever again, I’m blown away by the MINTD Box!

Get your Holiday Box here and use code HOLIDAY10 to get 10% off!

Thanks a lot for reading <3

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      Thankyouu dear! The Bedtime Boost feel amazing and I’m so happy that they included this item in the box. X

  1. December 21, 2016 / 22:36

    Ik ken deze box nog niet, maar hij ziet er onwijs goed uit.

    • thebeauparlour
      December 30, 2016 / 18:45

      Is het ook! Één van de beste en meest luxe beauty boxen die ik ooit heb uitgeprobeerd (;

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