Huda Beauty: Liquid Matte Lipstick in Bombshell and Trendsetter

Huda Beauty: Liquid Matte Lipstick in Bombshell and Trendsetter

Hii beauty’s!

Today’s review is about the Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipsticks in the color Bombshell and Trendsetter. It only took time for HudaBeauty to create new beauty items after launching her amazing false lashes! In the meanwhile she also launched lipliners and an eyeshadow palette which is a must have for beautylovers like us! But we must not forget about het Liquid Matte Lipstick which were sold out everywhere within a small amount of time. After a long time and being patience I finally could grab my hands on these beauty’s! So excited to talk about it today. Let’s get started!

Huda Kattan is de great mind behind the brand HudaBeauty. They became a big hit when they launched their false lashes with their iconic packaging. I bet you have seen one of those pictures on the internet: girls holding a packaging of one of the HudaBeauty false lashes infront of their eyes. She expanded her collection with lipliners which were a great hit everywhere! She is not only a business woman, but a real beauty artist who creates funny beauty video’s about how to contour with tape. I can recommend you to follow her on social media because she always places fun pictures and great ideas!




Non-drying, featherweight, densely-pigmented and with a stunning, suedette finish, there’s nothing about Huda Beauty’s Liquid Mattes we’re not obsessed with. Already causing a furore (we’ve been completely inundated with requests for these lip lacquers), the silky formula applies like a lipgloss then dries in moments – cloaking your pout with a smooth, kiss-resistant veil of vibrant colour that won’t smudge, flake or transfer. Enriched with nourishing ingredients, there’s a shade to match each of the bestselling Lip Contour pencils, alongside seven stunning new hues ranging from deep plum (Material Girl) to on-trend ‘90s beige-brown (Spice Girl) – but be warned! These won’t stick around so snap yours up before your best friend beats you to it.


Trendsetter and Bombshell: HudaBeauty offers many amazing shades, but these were the ones who spoke the most to me. I was hesitating if I should get Icon instead of the Trendsetter because I was afraid that Trendsetter would look like Dolce K from Kylie Cosmetics, which looks like a light dirty brown on my lips. But luckily I made the right decision because Trendsetter became one of my favorites!

The boxes were the lipsticks are stored in are my favorite thing about the product! Yes, you heard me. It is like the false lashes all over again: lips on the boxes so you may can pretend that they are your own lips by holding the box infront of your mouth. It looks so cute and Hudabeauty did a great job by designing the packaging. Also I kept the boxes to store these lippies in it instead putting them in my liquid lipstick drawer. You can’t throw away this cute box!


The packaging of the HudaBeauty Liquid Matte Lipstick are in my opinion different in a beautiful way. The tube has a soft velvet finish instead of the normal see-through plastic. The cap is black and goes open by twisting it. Negative point about the packaging is that scratches will be very visible on these velvet finish tubes. I throw them a few times in my bag, not a good idea!


L: Trendsetter – R: Bombshell

The wand doesn’t get dirty when you use the liquid lipstick for a long time, it always stays clean! The tip is one of the best tips I’ve ever used from the liquid lipsticks I own. Usually the tips are too soft or too hard. Most brands are too soft because the fibers are too fluffy. Sometimes I don’t like that because I have the feeling that I can’t create a clean line around my lips, so usually I have to grab a lipliner. Others are too hard, which makes it feel uncomfortable to use. But the HudaBeauty Liquid Matte is just perfect, the tip is sharp and you can line your lips just perfectly. The fibers are short but dens, which makes the product spread evenly on the lips.


L: Trendsetter – R: Bombshell

The first time when I used the HudaBeauty Liquid Matte, I was a little bit overwhelmed by the scent. It has a weird chemical vanilla touch to it which makes me think twice if I should apply it. Luckily this scent fades away after the product has dried up. The wand feels nice when you grab it and you have fully control when you apply it. It was very easy to line my lips with the tip, even when I didn’t have a steady hand. I could easily reapply it without making it look dry and patchy. What I do notice is that it takes a pretty long time before the liquid lipstick has dried up. So be sure not to close your mouth too tightly because your lips may stick on each other!

After wearing the lipstick for an hour I didn’t notice any difference. It still looked matte and flawless, while other liquid lipstick tend to bleed out. You can eat and drink without leaving a stain on your cup, BUT it may feel a little bit sticky. I think it is because if their silky finish that it may feel a bit tacky sometimes. Not a big deal for me but I expected it to be dry-matte the whole time. When wearing this liquid lipstick the whole day some cracks on the inside of my mouth appeared because of eating, drinking and talking. A little touch up makes it disappear again.


Overall I’m really in love with both shades. The first time I used these lipsticks I thought that Bombshell was too light for my skintone, but after a while I got used to it and loved it even more. Trendsetter was the whole time a big favorite, this one was in my handbag the whole summer when I needed some color in my life (and lips). Huda Beauty did an amazing job by creating all of her colors, because I only hear people say positive things when they talk about her big range of pretty shades. It was also hard for me not to overbuy these liquid lipsticks because I wanted to order 5(!!!) shades, that’s how pretty they are.

I would repurchase both shades! I love them so much even tho they have a weird fragrance when you apply it. I can ignore this because the results are so pretty and I love the color range they offer! The only negative thing I can say beside the fragrance is that your lips can look a bit tacky/dry at the end of the day. But that’s with all liquid lipsticks after a whole day eating and drinking. Also, exfoliate your lips or use lipbalm the night before because it can really make your dry patches look terrible! But overall an amazing liquid lipstick and I can recommend everyone who is looking for an unique shade!

You can purchase your own Huda Beauty Liquid Matte from for £18.00.

Which one is your favorite shade?

Thanks a lot for reading x

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    • thebeauparlour
      January 9, 2017 / 16:29

      Pretty arent they! Thanksss for reading X

  1. December 7, 2016 / 11:27

    Those shades are gorgeous! Your review was so on point and just makes me want to get my hands on the lippies as I already have her lip liner! 馃挍馃挍


    • thebeauparlour
      January 9, 2017 / 16:27

      Thankyou so much for reading my blog! I really appreciate your feedback and thats why i love blogging! X

  2. December 7, 2016 / 12:58

    Ah wauw, wat een prachtige nude tinten, love it!

    • thebeauparlour
      January 9, 2017 / 16:19

      Mooi zijn ze he! Ik ben er echt zo blij mee en ik gebruik ze nog heel vaak X

  3. December 7, 2016 / 14:57

    These shades are stunning!!

    • thebeauparlour
      January 9, 2017 / 16:12

      I’m sooo happy with them! I still use them very often X

  4. Marushi
    December 8, 2016 / 17:51

    Allebei echt super mooie nude kleuren!

    • thebeauparlour
      January 9, 2017 / 16:10

      Jaaa super zijn ze he! Trendsetter zou je vast heel mooi staan denk ik met jou huidskleur <3

  5. sassypout
    December 12, 2016 / 17:34

    Bombshell is super pretty

    • thebeauparlour
      January 9, 2017 / 12:08

      I prefer Trendsetter but Bombshell is also really pretty especially for people with light skin!

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