Make-Up Studio: Banana Concealer and Powder

Make-Up Studio: Banana Concealer and Powder

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Today I’m going to talk about the products from a Dutch makeup brand called Make-Up Studio. I received the Concealer and the Translucent Powder Extra Fine, both in the shade Banana. I was invited by House of Rebels to come to their flagship store in Amsterdam for a makeup session. It was so much fun! The lovely Make-Up Studio artist named Mariam Choukair did my makeup that day and I never thought I could look that pretty after makeup. After this wonderful day I could take a few products with me that she used for my makeup look. These are the two products she used during this makeup session alongside a ton of other products. But these were the items I was most fascinated about. Let’s see what my thoughts are!

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Translucent Powder Extra Fine in Banana

Banana Powder is the new trend in baking your face and making your skin matte and even. Thanks to Kim Kardashian everyone started to use Banana Powder for their face. The difference to Banana Powder and other translucent powders is that it will match with every skin tone and the yellow powder will correct your dull looking skin. Great for under the eyes or highlight your face. You can also use this as a finishing powder for all over the face.

The Banana Powder is stored in a round jar with a velvet-black lid. The jar contains a few holes were the powder comes out. The right way to use this powder is to pour a small amount in the inside of the black lid. For setting your face use a big fluffy brush and twirl it around in the lid. For baking of setting your makeup use your sponge and dip it in the black lid. Always use the black lid because in my opinion this is the best way to secure that you are not over using this powder, otherwise it may can turn out a bit too yellow.

Mariam used the Banana Powder to set the foundation. I instantly saw that my skin became more matte and that it neutralized the skin color. She mentioned that you only need a small amount to set your whole face. After  she used concealer under my eyes, she also made sure that my under eyes were setted with this powder so the concealer won’t move. My skin felt super soft and velvety after she used it on my skin. I was afraid that my skin ended up more yellow toned but it looked more alive and less dull.

Now it was my turn to use it myself! I was so happy when I got this to use it at home. I already own a Banana Powder, but it is from a drugstore brand called W7. I was curious if this one works better than the Banana Powder I already own.

It really is Extra Fine! The texture looks like the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder which is a holy grail item of a lot of makeup lovers. It doesn’t look like a powder, it almost looks creamy or as dust. I never do baking so I will use this powder to set my foundation. Ohhh I love it so much! More than the W7 powder I already own. The extra fine powder makes your skin look more soft than other loose powders I used. I also noticed that this powder doesn’t makes my skin looks yellow even when I use a big amount of powder (which is the case when I use the Banana Powder from W7).

After wearing the Banana Powder for a whole day (6AM untill 9PM) my skin looked healthy but not too oily. I have to mention that my skin is super oily, so I’m really surprised that my foundation was not melting. I used it several times during the beautiful days and the more cold chilly days. Both situations didn’t changed the results of this Banana Powder: my skin looks matte and less dull after I applied it and at the end of the day my foundation still looks great! I have a glowy finish which can look a bit oily but not that amount of oil I’m always used to with other setting powders.


Concealer in Banana

A concealer is a must have for every girl who doesn’t have enough sleep each day or struggles with a lot of stress. It can hide pimples, scars and dark circles. This concealer is in the color Banana, which has a yellow tone. The color yellow is perfect to hide imperfections like blue/purple circles around your eyes because it will neutralize the color. The Banana Powder and Concealer are the perfect match, especially during the winter days when you are having a winter dip. Your skin will instantly notice when you have less energy and it will affect the color in your face and it will become more dull.

I’m usually used to a liquid concealer with a pump or a wand, but this one is cream/waxy based which is new to me. The concealer is packed in a square velvet matte packaging. At first sight you may think that the amount of concealer is not enough, but you really need only one swipe to get the right amount of product. For using cream concealer you can use a concealer brush or your fingers. I prefer using a flat concealer brush because it can pick up the product more easily out from the packaging and I can blend with it.

The makeup artist used the concealer for under my eyes only, but you can also use it for hiding your imperfections. She used a concealer brush to apply it and also to blend it out. I do had the feeling that she used too much because I it felt really heavy under my eyes. It did look great in my opinion but it was a lot of makeup that she used.

But how did it turned out when I used it myself? Well, I was really excited to use my first cream concealer. I used the concealer with a brush and I set it with the Banana Powder that I received alongside with this concealer. I must say that the concealer feels a bit heavy on my skin so I prefer a more liquid concealer, but overall it turned out great. To make the concealer less thick I also used a makeup sponge to blend it more out. I only need a small amount to spread out the product under my eyes and to cover everything up. I also use it around my nose and mouth. The only negative side is that I have the feeling that a cream concealer will make the lines more visible than a liquid. To prevent this I had to use more powder than I usually do.

How did it look like after a whole day? Pretty good and I’m not lying! I have to say that it feels heavy on my under eye skin. But you could blend the concealer with a makeup sponge, this worked for me to make it feel less heavy. My dark circles were still covered after a whole day and it didn’t crease as much as I expected from a cream concealer. I must say that it has a yellow undertone so you have to use a white powder to highlight it. But at the end this concealer does it’s job great and I love how long-lasting it is!


Swatch: left concealer, right powder

 First row: 1) no concealer 2) Banana Concealer applied in a triangle 3) blend out with brush and makeup sponge

Second row: 4) setted with Banana Powder 5) wiped away the excess powder 6) full eye makeup


Overall I’m really happy with both products! I also enjoyed the makeover at the Make-Up Store, this was my fist time that I’ve got a full makeup face done by another person (who is a professional). My favorite item must be the Banana Powder because it is extra fine and I see that this powder is so much different from my other Banana Powder from W7. It gives my skin a super smooth finish and it looks matte/velvet for at least 6 hours. The concealer works amazing but personally I prefer a liquid concealer instead of a cream because it is easier for me to work with it and it feels less heavy.

A product which is universal and will fit every person and skintype must be the Banana Powder. This product will adjust to your skin and make it look even and less dull. For my oily skin it did a lot to make the oilyness disappear for a long time. Even after a whole day my skin looked glowy but not oily as it usually is. The Banana Powder can be used for multiple things and everyone needs it in their makeup routine. That’s why I would repurchase this and recommend you this product!

You can get your own Banana Concealer at one of the Make-Up Store locations or at their webshop for €11,90 and the Banana Powder for €19,90

Which one would you pick: the concealer or the powder?

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