Jane Iredale: The Skin Care Makeup

Jane Iredale: The Skin Care Makeup

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Today I’m going to review the makeup products from Jane Iredale. I was invited by House of Rebels and Hélène-V a while ago to attend the Jane Iredale event, its was such an amazing experience! I discovered a whole new world of mineral makeup. Honestly I’ve always been a little bit skeptical about mineral makeup, but finally I’ve opened my eyes! I received a few products from them to test it out, so let’s check them out!

I’ve written a review about a Jane Iredale product before, and I was shocked how amazing this product was! It was a review about the Powder-Me SPF, go check it out!

Jane Iredale is the president and founder of Iredale Mineral Cosmetics. She created the brand Jane Iredale because she noticed that a lot of actresses and models in de entertainment industry had to wear heavy makeup for their work. Because of the heavy makeup they had to take a lot of care of their skin. She created her own mineral makeup in het kitchen so these actresses didn’t have to wear harmful makeup on their skin but still looked great and beautiful from within. Now she has a leading role in the makeup industry for being the first makeup line with skin care benefits.

Jane Iredale is certified cruelty-free by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics’ (CCIC) Leaping Bunny Program, the leading internationally respected animal protection group for cruelty-free certification. Jane Iredale products are also certified cruelty-free by PETA.


Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener for oily skin

“Bring out your natural radiance with our revolutionary primer, designed to even out skin tone, minimize pores, and visibly reduce fine lines for a smooth, matte finish. Smooth Affair for Oily Skin also fights blemishes and reduces shine.”

  • It noticeably reduces the appearance of pores and fights blemishes. Creates a smooth, matte finish for an even skin tone while employing advanced mineral technology that color-adjusts to your skin.

A primer is a must have for a girl like me. My skin always gets oily during the day and I’ve never found the perfect combination to achieve the matte effect all day. This primer is for oily skin but they also have a primer for normal skin.

The packaging is a gold/gray tube and it feels heavy which makes it more luxurious. It has a squeeze tube so you can properly get the product out of the tube. I have to say that the amount of product is really generous for a primer (50ml) which is awesome!

Usually I like to use a primer which has a silicone finish to fill up my pores, but this one feels amazing on the skin! It has a light creamy texture and it blends beautiful on the skin. It gives your skin a soft finish without any sticky feeling (usually I like stickiness but in this case I love both textures). The moment I squeezed the product out of the tube, a fresh citrus fragrance escaped! I can get used to this smell and a great way to start your makeup routine with this delicious scent.

But now to the most important part: does it make my skin less oily and will the mineral makeup stay long enough? Even though this primer smells amazing and feels super soft on the skin, it doesn’t do anything to my oily skin nor the longevity of my makeup. I even have the feeling that it makes my skin even more oily! I tried it with the Jane Iredale Mineral Powder and other foundations but the results never changed. I’m so sad at the moment because I honestly love how this primer feels on my skin and the citrus, almost lemonade fragrance. The only thing that really worked was that it made my skin more brighter, maybe that’s the main reason why it got so oily within a short amount of time.


PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation with SPF 20 UVA/UVB PA++ in the color Golden Glow

“A pressed mineral foundation that is slightly more sheer and matte than the loose powders.”

  • Made from micronized minerals, free of synthetic chemicals, oil free and weightless.
  • Water resistant to 40 minutes.
  • A foundation, powder, concealer and broad spectrum sunscreen.
  • Contains antioxidants such as Pine Bark Extract and Pomegranate Extract (a potent antioxidant that aids in minimizing UV damage).

This is my first mineral foundation that I’ve ever tried. I always had my eyes on the Bare Minerals Powder but I never took the step to purchase it. Now I can finally experience the amazing effect of mineral makeup. The powder came alongside with the case which you can refill with any other pressed powder from Jane Iredale. The case has a simple but classic gold finish with the Jane Iredale logo at the bottom.

I received the color Golden Glow, is it the most sold color of the whole range. This color matches my summer tan perfectly, which was personally selected by the great Creative Director of Jane Iredale. She was a guest at the event of Jane Iredale and she picked this color for me.


Left: Primer – Right: swatch of the Pressed Powder 

I was a bit afraid when I started using this powder. My first problem was that I didn’t know which brush I had to use. I picked up the Buffer Brush from Spectrum Collections and I dipped it in the powder. Boemmm, a cloud of makeup powder flew around in my room. Not a good idea to use a buffer brush! Okay, so I grabbed a Powder Brush from Spectrum Collections. This works so much better and it’s easy to apply it. I also tried a more dense brush with short bristles which also works great for mineral powder.

The feeling of the powder on my skin feels like literally nothing, exactly what they promised me during the event. I saw other bloggers getting their makeup done at the event and I thought: Oh it looks so pretty! I have to try this out! Well, I have to say that I’m having mixed feeling about this mineral foundation. I only own synthetic makeup brushes and that is maybe the reason that this powder doesn’t gives me a nice coverage. During the event the Global Educator named Hannah Hatcher, told us that she uses a brush with bristles made by animals (they comb the animals and the hairs that are falling off are used for the brushes). But I tried several techniques to get the right coverage and luckily it worked! It gives my skin a medium coverage and it feels like satin on my skin. The color match is absolutely perfect, I don’t see any colordifference between my neck and face.


Circle/Delete Concealer in the color #1

“An eye conditioner and concealer containing moringa butter and avocado oil, both high in vitamins A, C, D and E. Contains green tea extract, a potent antioxidant.”

  • Conceals and diminishes dark under-eye circles.
  • Softens the appearance of fine lines around eyes.
  • The two colors can be blended in order to achieve the exact shade required

Usually I’m that kind of girl who loves to use liquid concealers. I’m just not into the wax/cream products (I will only make an exception for foundations). But I had to give it a try, sometimes you need to try new things in life.

You really notice that all of the Jane Iredale products are natural because they smell amazing! I immediately smelled the amazing scent of green tea when I opened the lid. It was really pleasant and not overwhelming, I think everyone will love this. The packaging is simple and easy to use. It has the some gold finish as all the other Jane Iredale products.


Swatches of the two shades of the concealer

I picked up the color #1 because this one has a more yellow undertone. You can mix the two colors if you want to achieve a different shade. I used the lighter shade for under my eyes and the darker one for covering up my red spots and the areas around my nose and mouth. When I applied this concealer it felt extremely creamy on the skin instead of the thick waxy feeling that I expected.

Results? The darker shade worked perfect for covering up the spots and redness, but I honestly don’t think the lighter shade works for under my eyes. It makes my under eye skin look dry and patchy. I tried to blend it out with a damp sponge instead of a concealer brush and luckily it turned out great! I love how this concealer feels on the skin and the color turned out perfect for highlighting my under eye area and covering up my imperfections. I prefer using concealer after applying the powder so I’m sure that the product is applied perfectly so it won’t move or glide off.



Here I used the primer, pressed powder, concealer and a blush stick from Jane Iredale. Picture is taken immediately after applying the makeup.

Overall I’m really happy that I finally tried mineral makeup! The pressed powder and concealer are a perfect combination and I’m so happy that I had the chance to try out a full face with all these products. The primer was sadly enough not the right match for my oily skin, it only made it even more oily after a few hours. I must say that the coverage is medium but after a few hours it will start to fade away, which is weird because when I cleanse my face a lot of product will come of. I never used mineral makeup before because I was not sure if the coverage would be good enough. Even after trying out this whole range of products and the surprisingly good results, I will stick to my normal routine. I will only repurchase the pressed foundation powder because it gives my skin instantly coverage without any problem and it doesn’t feels like makeup when I apply it to my face, that is how weightless this product is.

I recommend mineral makeup to people who have a sensitive skin and want to make sure that nothing bad is in the product. Jane Iredale’s products are free from all chemical or harsh ingredients, so no one should have a bad reaction after using her products. The mineral foundation powder is also a great alternative for people who don’t like liquid foundations or the heavy feeling of foundations. It is so weightless and it is literally like a skincare product: you are wearing it without feeling heavy on the skin and it makes your skin beautiful. That’s why it’s called The Skin Care Makeup brand!

You can get your own Jane Iredale products at your local shop, click here where to find them!

Smooth Affair for Oily Skin Facial Primer & Brightener: €50

Purepressed Base Mineral Foundation, color Golden Glow: €49,50 (refill), €63 (case Gold + refill)

Circle/Delete Concealer, color #1: €29

Which product would you like to try out?

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