Beautybox: Lookfantastic November

Beautybox: Lookfantastic November

Hii beauty’s,

It is time for another beautybox unboxing from Lookfantastic, this month is it November! This month the theme is #LFSPARKLE, which is all about getting prepped for the holiday season. Get your hair and skin ready by giving it a shiny boost and glow from within to let it sparkle! As you may know, the last beautybox from October was the best I’ve ever received! They included brands like Oskia and Laura Geller  which were perfect items for everyone. So I have really high expectations this month. I hope so that they included a few beautiful items. Well, we will see!

If you are not familiar with beautyboxes and the subscriptions that Lookfantastic offers, you can read my previous blogpost here where I explain how they all work. A beautybox is a monthly subscription which offers new goodies each month. The beautiful print on the box is different each month as well, depending on the monthly theme. Beautyboxes are a great way to get to know new brands and to be introduced to items you will never buy.

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I love that they include a copy of ELLE UK every month. I use the magazine for my flatlays because they have big advertorial from brands like Chanel, Prada and Topshop. You may have seen a few flatlays on my Instagram with an ELLE UK magazine in it. To be honest, I never read them. I know such a shame but I’m more a “picture” girl, I like to do inspiration by looking instead of reading.


Lookfantastic, nail vile – An extra goodie from Lookfantastic. You can never have enough nail viles because I have one in every bag I own, just in case when you are on the go and you break your nail. Happens to me all the time, or that my nail start to chip. Worst feeling! It is a super cute nail vile because the other side is covered with silver glitters (sorry didn’t make a picture of that side).


L’Oréal,  Professionnel Mythic Oil -This lighweight hair oil is infused with avocado and grape seed oil to nourish your hair. It is also a hair protection at the same time and it will provide a shield against environmental aggressors. It will keep your hair smooth and manageable and it minimized frizz and flyaways. For the holidays you want to make your hair look fabulous and maybe using a heatingtool to make curls or to straightening. It is always important to use a product before you use your heatingtools! I won’t be using this hair oil because I have a similar one now in m closet which I use every time after I washed my hair.


Sebastian, Professional Volupt Spray – Everyone wants to look fabulous during the holidays: big hair and smokey eye makeup. This volupt spray will help your hair to give it a boost! This unique Cushion Particle Technology lifts your hair from the roost for a long-lasting hold and beautiful soft finish. Make sure to shake it well before you use it! It is non-sticky and it doesn’t make you hair look greasy. Great for Christmas when you need your hair to look beautiful for at least two days.


Monu, Recovery Balm – This is a real winter savior, a good recovery balm is a must during this season. This skincare secret helps you refresh and revitalise your complexion, leaving you glowing. It reduce redness and soothe irritation as well as leaving your skin hydrated a balanced. Great foe every skintype and a great item to use before you gave a big event.


Bloom and Blossom, Revitalizing Foot and Leg Spray – I already received a similar spray from Bloom and Blossom, but it was a Face Spray. I was really surprised when I saw they included a Foot and Leg spray of the same brand. I never knew that this exist, I mean I know balms and creams but a foot and leg spray alleviate water tension and revitalise tired legs? I learned something new today. Would I use this spray? Maybe.


Look Good Feel Better, Angled Blending Brush – This brush has won the CEW Beauty Award 2016! So a real must have item for your makeup bag or as an essential brush. This angled brush is perfect for shading and contouring your eyes. It’s made with Taklon Bristles, which are super soft, allergy-free and environmentally friendly, making it a great choice to use for everyone with sensitive skin!


Model CO, Blush Cheek Powder – A brand which is unknown to me, but I feel intruded by the beautiful peachy color of this blush! It is a super long-lasting blush in the color Peach. The micronized colour pigments and pressed texture help control oil on the surface of the skin to leave you looking gorgeous without a hint of shine throughout the day.


To be honest, I’m getting a bit tired of all of these disappointing beautyboxex that Lookfantasic launches every month. They just don’t fit me but I’m stuck to it untill february because I took a 12 month subscription. So I’m going to say: I will not doing anymore unboxing untill I receive one that really makes me happy. I feel so bored when I do these unboxings when nothing in this box makes me feel excited. Do you get me? I really feel unmotivated when I have to write something. So that’s clear: this box was again a disappointment for me.

Do you want to get a subscription or do you want to know more about the beautyboxes? Click here to read more and find out which subscription fits you most.

You can get your own Lookfantastic beautybox here starting at €13,95 each month when you subscribe for twelve months.

Which item is your favorite of the month October?

Thanks a lot for reading x


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  1. November 30, 2016 / 17:53

    Dang that really sucks that it was another disappointment! 🙁 It for sure is unmotivating to have to take the time to write a blogpost when you don’t even like the products. You really can’t cancel your sub?? Even if it is a 12 month one? That’s horrible! So sorry you’re in that situation babe. Gorgeous photos as always!


    • thebeauparlour
      December 5, 2016 / 09:02

      Yesss thats why this will be my last review except when they send me a box thats really worth the money and my time to write something about it ;p nooo, i tried to cancel it but there is no other option than to let it pass untill 12 months ):

  2. December 1, 2016 / 19:53

    Eek, not sure what happened to my first comment so hopefully I’m not double commenting!

    Anyways, I’m sorry to hear that this box was a disappointment 🙁 I think that’s my biggest hesitation with beauty boxes, that I might end up with products I don’t like. I was wondering the same thing as Mika though, they won’t let you cancel for a partial refund?

    Jenny // Geeky Posh

    • thebeauparlour
      December 5, 2016 / 08:55

      Hahah, the first post is gone I think ;p I only see this one so that just fine! Yeaa I’m really bored atm because all these beautyboxes just don’t fit me! I try to look if I could stop the subscription but it was not possible ):

  3. December 2, 2016 / 07:53

    Leuke items!

    • thebeauparlour
      December 5, 2016 / 08:51

      Dankjewel schat! X

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