Olaplex Hair Perfector Nr.3

Olaplex Hair Perfector Nr.3

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Today I’m going to talk about the best hair treatment ever: Olaplex Hair Perfector nr. 3. Seriously, if you’ve never heard of Olaplex before or if your hairdresser has never talked about this item, you are missing out! My hair experienced a lot of damage because of chemical color sessions, blow-dryers and straighteners and bad hair days. For the last two years I’ve been trying to get a natural blonde balayage effect in my hair. My first hairdresser completely ruined my hair: it became dry and my hair turned orange. Fortunately, I found a new hairdresser that saved my hair with Olaplex. This product will change your hair game! Let me explain you why you need this in your life, like right now!

Olaplex is a brand that is designed to make your hair lighter while preventing it from damaging. Hairdressers and colorists worldwide are in love with this product, because it makes you get gray or super blonde hair within only one/two sessions while the old fashioned products start working within multiple sessions. It lightens your hair within a short amount of time and prevents it from breakage. Your hair will also be back to the healthy state it was before. Olaplex has three different kinds of products:

Nr. 1 Bond Multiplier: adding it to the usual color service to make your hair lighter (hair salon)

Nr. 2 Bond Perfector: add after color has been rinsed to reduce breakage (hair salon)

Nr. 3 Hair Perfector: use once a week between color services to strengthen the hair or as a pre-treatment to a future chemical service (home treatment)


About the Product

Optimize Olaplex by offering it as a new salon service. Include the professional Hair Perfector No.3 Take Home for your client to use once a week to strengthen hair further or to use as a pre-treatment to a future chemical service. Hair Perfector No.3 Take Home has amazing additional benefits reported by thousands of clients.

Step 3 of the Olaplex Professional System, for once-a-week, at home applications to eliminate breakage from chemical services

Apply a generous amount from roots to ends on towel-dried hair. Use once a week between chemical services to strengthen hair. Comb through once. Leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes or more

Rinse from hair. Shampoo and condition

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Okay, let’s talk about my experience. I asked my previous hairdresser for the balayage effect: natural highlights with a cool/blonde finish (I have black hair of my own). At my first visit my hair became orange. At my second visit it became orange/blond/green and it got orange again at my third visit. The hairdresser was a freelancer at a big hair salon. I didn’t understand why I always ended up with the wrong (bad) results. My hair became extremely dry and dull because of the multiple chemical sessions. I even had to cut my hair to get rid of the seriously damaged dead ends!

But it didn’t work. My hair looked terrible and I felt insecure about the color. I was too afraid to go to the same hairdresser again, so I asked for another hairdresser who worked over there. Luckily, I got an experienced hairdresser who was listening to me and comforting me that she would save me from this bad hairdo! She was speechless when she saw my hair. It was nothing like a balayage, it looked like color blocking: black above, orange on the bottom. She told me about Olaplex and reassured me that it would help healing my hair and making it seem new. She also said that she could get rid of the harsh orange tones within one color session. She used nr. 1 and nr. 2 at the salon during the color sessions and nr. 3 was for me to take home.

It did sooo much for my hair! My hair looked and felt healthy again and the orange tones were all gone after just one session. This was the first step to achieving my blond/cool toned balayage. After many color treatments I finally achieved my goal without damaging my hair. I honestly noticed a big difference when I left the hair salon and the days after my visit. My hair felt amazingly soft and looked healthy.

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Nr. 3 Hair Perfector is a take-home treatment. You can use it in different ways. Olaplex advises you to use the treatment before you wash your hair. It also says to leave it in your hair for a minimum of ten minutes.

I use my Olaplex before washing my hair. I dampen my hair and apply a generous amount of Olaplex. I focus on the highlights instead of my entire hair because those strips are the most damaged ones. I comb my hair, put it in a knot and leave it like that for about an hour to really let the product work. I wash my hair like I usually do (violet shampoo and violet conditioner to get rid of any warm/yellow tones) after having had my pampering moment.


I’ve been using Olaplex over a year since I got my balayage hair. I use it almost every week, it depends on how much time I’ve got. The results are tremendous after a few uses: my hair definitely looks much more healthy and it feels good! Thanks to Olaplex, I know my hair won’t get damaged when I go back to the hairdresser to lighten it! No more cutting after getting your hair done. You’ll have a healthy hairdo when you leave the salon. When I went to the hairdresser who didn’t use Olaplex, I had dry and damaged hair and cutting it afterwards was a must.

It is a small bottle (100ml) but it is worth it! I’ve never been into hair care before because my hair is something I don’t like to spend time or money on (except for my color sessions), but Olaplex is a Holy Grail item for my hair. This is my second bottle and I’ve got two more bottles as a backup! Everyone, men or women, need the Olaplex home treatment in their life if they want to keep their hair healthy and good-looking!

You can get your own Olaplex at your nearby hair salon. My Dutch followers can get it on JohnBeerens.com for €32,50.

Have you heard of Olaplex before? Do you use it?

Thanks a lot for reading x


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  1. August 31, 2016 / 10:17

    I need this too! I also came to the conclusion to go to a hairdresser who uses olaplex the next time I dye my hair…my hair is dry and frizzy and no need to make it even worse!

    • thebeauparlour
      August 31, 2016 / 18:21

      You definitly need to post a selfie when you visited the hairdresser! What kind of color do you like to achieve?

    • thebeauparlour
      September 4, 2016 / 19:54

      Awwwh thankyou so much dear!X

  2. Alli
    September 7, 2016 / 13:51

    I heard about this olaplex before but wasn’t sure if it worked. It’s good I came across this review, loving it 馃檪

  3. September 8, 2016 / 02:17

    Wow! Beautiful pictures and such great information! The results is amazing and the are so many different ways stylists are using the product. If you haven’t had a Mini-Treatment at your salon, you should really try it!

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