Kylie Cosmetics Gloss

Kylie Cosmetics Gloss

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I couldn’t resist! I had to place another Kylie Cosmetics order! I just had to grab another few colors for my collection. Recently, Kylie Cosmetics released some new colors and textures. Exposed and the Dead of Knight are the new matte colors. The company has also launched an entire Gloss and Metal range. I already own several matte colors. However, for research purposes, and for YOU, my lovely readers, I had to try out one of the new products! I chose a Gloss in the color Literally. I’ve honestly never been a gloss girl… As in never, EVER! I used to have a Dior gloss, but I hated the tacky consistency. With that in mind, my sister insisted that I try one of Kylie’s lip glosses because she’d heard they weren’t sticky. Let’s see if this gloss lives up to my standards and if my sister is right!

If you want more information about Kylie Cosmetics products, you can read my previous review here  of the matte Lip Kits in Dolce K, Posie K, Candy K and Kourt K. I really enjoy all of my Lip Kits, despite everybody bashing the company right now. (Editor’s note here: If you were behind on your beauty gossip like I was, don’t worry, An is updating the both of us!) The controversy is about Kylie Cosmetic’s products being produced in the same building as Colourpop Cosmetics. Even if that is the case, it certainly doesn’t mean the products are the same! I do own a few Colourpop Cosmetics items, and I notice a big difference in the consistency and duration of the liquid lipsticks. Kylie Cosmetics is superior to Colourpop Cosmetics, in my opinion. These are, clearly, different companies with different formulas. Although the Kylie brand is more expensive, you get what you pay for in terms of quality. In addition, Kylie Cosmetics offers great and unique colors! Candy K is my favorite color of all time! I use it at least 5 times a week. I use it so often, that the print on the tube is already starting to fade away! Enough about that, though! Let’s talk about the gloss!


 Tadaaa!!! Here it is in the color Literally! Kylie Cosmetics also offers the shades Like and So Cute in the gloss formula. I decided on the color Literally because, to my eye, it’s the most universal color of the glosses. So Cute is too light for my skintone and Like looked a bit to dark/mauve for me. After receiving this color I started to question my selection. In hindsight, I think the color Like would also suit me, since Literally is flattering on me. However, I can go darker due to my yellow skintone. Like is the darkest with So Cute being the lightest. No regrets at all, no buyer’s remorse here! Let’s just make that clear right now!

DSC01517 DSC01518


The packaging of the gloss is simpler compared to the Lip Kits, due to the Lip Kit also containing a lipliner. The gloss is only sold individually. To be completely honest, I expected more than this. All of my readers know how  important packaging design is to me, and I’m underwhelmed with this particular product. The Lip Kits have amazing packaging with the lips on the front and KYLIE printed in large letters. I assumed that this would have the same vibe, it’s what I’ve come to expect from the brand. However, it is not all about the packaging.

DSC01520 DSC01522

 The gloss comes comes in exactly the same tube as the matte and metal versions of the Kylie Cosmetics products. I think it is a great idea to keep the container the same even if it has a different finish. This makes it even more gorgeous as a collectible product! We all appreciate being able to put all of our Kylie lippies together! It’s so much easier to choose a color when the entire brand is cohesive!


 Just like the Matte Lip Kits, the scent is amazing. It has a light vanilla scent, not very strong at all, just the perfect amount so that you can enjoy it during application. Like many of you, I have a very sensitive nose when it comes to makeup, but Kylie Cosmetics products have always had a lovely scent.



 I present to you The Infamous Brush! This little brush became well-known when the brand initially launched their glosses. The first shipment of glosses had some problems with the brush. The first customers opened their product, only to find that the brush was utterly unusable! It was as if a toddler played with this brush and put it back in the tube. Kylie Jenner is a great person who pays attention to her fans and customers, so immediately a new shipment was delivered. All of those who received the gloss with the defect soon had the correct product, including the high quality brush. This one-time issue is not a representation of the brand. I didn’t experience any problems with the brush. I’ve used it consistently, and even putting the wand in and out of the container  repeatedly doesn’t damage the brush.


A comparison between the Mattes Dolce K, Posie K and the Gloss Literally

 The first world problem of an anti-sticky girl is the feeling of applying gloss. Ugggh, I have to admit that I haven’t applied ANY gloss in the last five years! (That’s how anti-gloss I am!) I really had some trouble with application and coverage, at first. It had been so long since I had tried a gloss, but I was just fine after a minute!


 This gloss is SO pigmented, only one swipe is enough! Now I understand the whole hype about the glosses! My sister even told me that I had to get it, knowing that I don’t use lip gloss at all. And now… We have arrived to the most important question: is it sticky?

 Well, applying the gloss was one hell of a job for me! Not because the consistency is sticky but simply because I never use glosses! Once applied, it felt really comfortable. I was in shock! My lips a wet kind of feeling but they were not sticky! When I was eating, talking, or even sleeping with my mouth open, I didn’t experience any  of that unpleasant, icky feeling. The finish is also surprisingly long lasting. The shine stayed all day and I only had to re apply it when I ate a big sandwich (you know the issue…taking a big bite of something, and how your gloss/lipstick will leave a stain behind on your chin). I do have to admit that my gloss doesn’t look as great as other people’s. Maybe it is because I didn’t use a lipliner or a base. I will have to see if that makes it look more clean and even. I’m just not familiar with being a pro-gloss girl!



 Overall I am REALLY surprised that I enjoyed wearing this gloss. An amazing non-sticky gloss with great pigmentation and a shiny finish that lasts all day! This is the first step for me to finally explore some glosses again. I’ve also heard great things about the Anastasia Beverly Hills and Marc Jacobs’ glosses, but I am hesitant to purchase them. I’m afraid that they won’t work for me.

 I think $15,- for a gloss is a lot. However, if you consider the facts that the pigmentation is great and that it doesn’t have a sticky feeling (compared to other high end brands) it’s a good price for what you get. If you have read my previous review about the Lip Kits, the shipping and customs cost are a pain in the a** for anyone outside the US. So I won’t repurchase it unless I place my order with another person so that we can split the costs.

 I can recommend this gloss to every person who is against that sticky feeling on the lips! This will be your first step towards a whole new world of lip products! Kylie Cosmetics offers 3 colors which are all gorgeous and universally flattering for all skin-tones (there will be at least one color that will suit you!) The product lasts and you don’t need a lot of it to cover your lips, so I feel like this was a great investment. My sister was right after all!

You can get your own Kylie Cosmetics Gloss on her official webshop here for $15,-.

What are your first impressions about this gloss?

Thanks a lot for reading x


Edited by Sarah Cook

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    • thebeauparlour
      July 4, 2016 / 08:15

      Thankyouu dear!

  1. July 3, 2016 / 13:29

    Ik had inderdaad wat meegekregen over de problemen met de applicator, maar gelukkig is dat dus opgelost. Ik ben ook echt geeeen gloss girl, maar deze ziet er goed uit! Mooie dekking.

    • thebeauparlour
      July 4, 2016 / 08:14

      Ik was zelf ook een beetje sceptisch op het begin, maar bleek uiteindelijk toch goed te zijn! Ik weet natuurlijk niet hoe de brush op lange termijn eruit zal zien maar voorlopig werkt het nog goed 馃槢

  2. July 4, 2016 / 05:15

    So detailed and helpful review. Thank you!

    • thebeauparlour
      July 4, 2016 / 08:13

      Thankyou for reading!

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