House of Lashes Unboxing

House of Lashes Unboxing

Hii everyone!

 Recently, I was contacted by House of Lashes and they are fans of The Beau Parlour! House of Lashes is an amazing brand that creates great, wearable false lashes and the necessary accessories like lash glue, as well as (gorgeous!) cases for storing your lashes. I own a few items from them which I use often in my flatlay pictures. In almost every picture where I’ve included one of their products,  they have been kind enough to repost it! They let me know that they love my content and would  like to send me a few items so that I can include them in my pictures, and share them on Instagram! Wait, what?! They love my pictures and that’s why they are willing  to send their products? It’s not that I’m a MUA or that I post makeup looks very very often… It’s just me and my love of taking flatlay pictures? I feel so honored that they’ve approached me!  I’m so excited! So, let’s check out which products they chose to send me!

 Oh my God, this was something I’ve never expected. This goodie box was huge! My sister unboxed this package because I was not at home when it arrived. (Sneaky!) She told me that it  included too many items to photograph and send to me. (!!!) So, of course, I was rushing to get home after work to see what they gave me. And here it is…


 Look at this generous gift!  How could I possibly deserve this? All these amazing items for me, just because I make flatlay pictures that House Of Lashes likes?! It feels SO surreal, almost like they sent it to the wrong person. However, my boyfriend and my amazing Instagram followers tell me that I really DO deserve this. Hmmm, maybe so, but still it feels so incredible to receive such amazing items, when I don’t even create a lot of #MOTD looks on my Instagram. (You don’t even see my face often on my blog!) I’m still trying to wrap my mind around this… Let’s just  take a moment to enjoy these amazing items!

DSC01618 DSC01620


 This is the perfect storage case for your lashes when you are on the go, traveling, or just not wearing your lashes. You can store 3 sets of lashes in the upper space and underneath you can store even more lashes or tools like lash glue. I love the whole theme of gemstones and the detail they included on the front of the case! I think the aquamarine is my favorite color, it is really unique and it definitely stands out; I’ve never even seen a lash case similar to this one. I can’t believe I  was lucky enough to receive two of these cases, HOL is spoiling me!


LASH STORY™ (link)

 The Lash Story is a great case for storing your lashes at home. You can  put 10 pairs of lashes in the Lash Story! I  won’t show you the inside (yet)  because I got a Lash Story with a  small problem due to manufacturing. I mailed the House of Lashes team and they knew of this problem, so they sent me a new one! It’s on the way… And let’s be real, here. How great is it that they are so fast, and without any hesitation, are already sending me a new one? I didn’t pay for this product! If this is any indication of their customer service, we are all in luck! In addition to the 10 pairs of lashes, there is also room for 2 mini lash glue compartments. I love this storage idea! You can display it as a lovely “book” on your vanity, which is so simple, and yet so esthetically pleasing, while also making the best out of such a minimal amount of space. This is a brand that knows how to utilize packaging to everyone’s advantage!

DSC01630 DSC01632


 This is the inside of the Lash Story Book,  and pictured is the compartment for the two mini lash glues. I received a pack of two with dark and white glue. The black lash glue is for when you  are wearing eyeliner or whenever you find that it would blend well with your make up. The white glue dries transparent, so you won’t see a white strip of product on your eyelids. This is by far the best lash glue I’ve ever used! I own the full-sized white glue and I honestly don’t know why I didn’t order this lash glue sooner! I can’t imagine life or my routine without it now.

DSC01634 DSC01636


 Here are the Flirty and Glam lashes. You can recognize the styles easily because of the packaging. They all have very thin or even invisible lash strips so it is easier to apply it on your lash line and to let it blend with your own lashes. My personal favorite out of the HOL line are the “Siren” lashes. (Which aren’t included in this picture because I bought them separately.) But out of all the lashes they sent to me, I think the Temptress Wispy are the most amazing!

DSC01642 DSC01692


 These are so fun to use! Afraid to wear full lashes? Use these lash strokes to create your own style or just to make your own lashes pop in a more subtle way. I have to say that these may take some practice to apply, for those who aren’t used to individual lashes. (Like me!) I prefer using a full lash strip, rather than these smaller sets. However, if you already have full lashes these are the best way to accentuate what you already have!

DSC01646 DSC01647

BOUDOIR (link)/ FEATHERETTE (link) / PIXIE LUXE (link)/ STARLET (link)

 Woaaw, these are my favorite! The Premium Luxe lashes are bold, “va-va-voom” and big! The lashes are extra full and have an amazing dramatic look, perfect for when you want to stand out or go out! The lashline is a bit thicker than the Flirty or Glam lashes, which  is  because there are more hairs in these lashes. The Pixie Luxe are amazing in my opinion, I love the fluttery effect of these lashes and that they are even appropriate for the day time!


 Thank you so much to House of Lashes for these amazing, beautiful items! I still can’t believe that they offered these to me. I will definitely create some great flatlay pictures with these goodies, perfect for a pink/purple theme of picture or (of course!) to wear in my makeup looks!

 Just to be clear… Straight up, I’ve always been a big fan of House of Lashes. I’ve owned lashes and the big Lash Story Pro long before they approached  me with the products you see here. They offered this to me because they noticed I tagged them often in my flatlay posts! This was such a treat for e, I can’t wait to show these off!

You can find all these amazing House of Lashes items on their webshop and go check their Instagram!

Do you own any House of Lashes items? Which style is your favorite?

Thanks a lot for reading x


Edited by Sarah Cook

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  1. July 6, 2016 / 11:03

    馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶 soooooooo jealous! To be fair why wouldn’t they send it to you!!! Your flatlays are stunnnnnning!!! I want all of the lashes… If you don’t have enough space for them, I’ll be happy to take them off your hands Loool 馃槣 Xx

    • thebeauparlour
      July 6, 2016 / 11:06

      Hahah, aawwh thankyou for that! Sorry, my little sister already claimed half of the items! 馃榾 Ofcours I will also use them myself but for now I will keep them like this for my flatlays hehe. Thanks for checking out!

  2. July 6, 2016 / 12:58

    Hooooly crap, dat is echt een heel vrijgevig pakket! Wat mooi allemaal! Ik zou maar al te graag eens wat van House of Lashes in huis hebben <3 je verdient het ook hoor, zo'n mooi pakket 馃榾

    • thebeauparlour
      July 6, 2016 / 22:15

      Echt he! Totaal niet verwacht dat ik z贸veel zou krijgen. House of Lashes heeft nu 20% actie op de hele collectie!! Ga snel kijken 馃榾

  3. July 6, 2016 / 18:07

    Oeh lucky you. Wat een heerlijk groot pakket met veel moois <3 Ik heb geen ervaring met dit merk, maar ben er wel benieuwd naar.

    • thebeauparlour
      July 6, 2016 / 22:14

      Dankjewel, ben inderdaad super verwend door hun!

  4. July 10, 2016 / 03:22

    I only have one or two pairs of false lashes, but I definitely need to get more! I’m a fan of individual/triplet?bundle? lashes and HOL look great!

    • thebeauparlour
      July 10, 2016 / 11:43

      HOL has a special price when u purchase the small/medium/large individual lashes! I thought it was 24 dollars, which is cheaper than when u purchase one set seperate:D
      Thanks for reading honn! X

    • thebeauparlour
      July 17, 2016 / 18:38

      Yesss pretty aren’t they!! I am so happy with these items 馃榾

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