Starskin The Master Cleanser Mask

Starskin The Master Cleanser Mask

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I’ve always been a big fan of sheet masks. They give me the feeling of “a day at the spa” and they work after only one use. I like to use sheet masks on lazy days. I own a great deal of them, mostly from Korean brands. Lately, I discovered Starskin, a Western brand which also focuses on creating sheet masks. Today I’m going to talk about  The Master Cleanser Mask, by Starskin.

Starskin is a famous brand which creates products to make your skin  healthy and youthful. They became well-known when they launched their amazing sheet masks made out of bio-cellulose instead of the normal cotton, which are infused with a minimum 25ml of serum! In addition to the sheet masks, they also create products for your hands and feet. Some people are not familiar with the concept sheet masks. Basically, it’s a cotton mask soaked in a specific serum/essence, which you apply to your face for about 20 minutes. After you remove it, you allow the serum to sink into your skin. The goal is to notice a difference immediately after use!


Starskin The Master Cleanser Detox Sea Kelp Leaf Face Mask is a rejuvenating treatment sheet mask which refreshes and purifies the stressed and tired skin.

Ideal for all skin types, especially those who are fatigued and dehydrated, The Master Cleanser Detox Sea Kelp Leaf Face Mask is the best kept secret for visibly brighter, naturally softer complexion.

Beautifully Organic and sensationally innovative, The Master Cleanser Detox Sea Kelp Leaf Face Mask is a Seaweed sheet mask which contours closely to the face to deliver a powerful surge of hydration and nourishment for outstanding results.

Infused with Sea Kelp Leaves, Fenugreek Seed Extract and Camellia Oil, The Master Cleanser Detox Sea Kelp Leaf Face Mask eradicates the appearance of all blemishes and imperfections from the complexion, whilst deeply conditioning the skin at a cellular level.

The Master Cleanser Detox Sea Kelp Leaf Face Mask is also enriched with youth-enhancing Centella Asiatica and detoxifying Chlorella for results you can’t wait to show off.

Soaked in a skin revitalising Organic skincare serum, this best-selling sheet mask enchants the complexion, boosting the skin full of health, vibrancy and firmness to ensure clarified result is achieved after just one use.

Youth-enhancing, illuminating, detoxifying and superbly cleansing… what other mask can do what The Master Cleanser Detox Sea Kelp Leaf Face Mask does?



I received this sheet mask from Starskin when I participated in a giveaway from them. They gave me 24(!!!) sheet masks and other amazing goodies! They included 4 of the Detoxing Sea Kelp Leaf Face Mask, so I had enough sheet masks to really test them out and see if they truly worked for me.

After opening this safety wrap, you will find two pieces of white paper containing the sea kelp mask. The  mask is on the white paper, so that it won’t rip and will maintain its shape. Apply the mask to your face (laying down during application will help you relax and allow gravity to take over, which helps the ingredients to fully penetrate the skin barrier). Relax and enjoy the mask for about 15 minutes, then simply remove it.

Starskin recommends removing the remaining serum with a wash cloth, but I prefer to let it sink into the skin for an additional 15 minutes. You can also use the sheet mask before going to sleep and let the serum continue to work its magic on your face as a more intensive treatment.


Hi! It’s me, wearing one piece of the sheet mask. I would like to point out how this mask fits my face perfectly! Some brands make their face masks far too large, causing them to leak into my hair and create a nuisance. Another issue I’ve noticed amongst other brands is that the eye cutouts are too small, forcing the ingredients into your eyes! That’s not a spa experience for me! Starskin sheet masks do not feature either of these undesirable traits!

Because the sheet mask is made out of sea kelp, the scent can be a little overwhelming. I don’t mind the scent of the open seas, but I can imagine other people possibly being sensitive to this aroma.


Here I am, again! Now, you can see me wearing the second piece of the sheet mask. I really want to emphasize how perfectly it fits my face! I saw other people using this mask and I noticed that the mask was a bit too small for them so the two pieces didn’t meet in the center. However, I don’t think this problem is likely for most people.

The material of this sheet mask is thicker than the original cotton sheet mask, which is probably due to the superior ingredients in this mask. I let the sheet mask do its job, while I enjoy treating myself for a moment!


After 15-20 minutes I simply remove the sheet mask and let the remaining serum sink into my skin for an additional 15 minutes. I am unsure of the effects, but I do feel a smoother texture, after the serum absorbs into my skin. After the 15 minutes, I wash my face with luke-warm water.


The results of this sheet mask after using it 3 times are great; every time  I use this sheet mask my face feels instantly soft! This softness lasts for days, even my dry patches are less visible, some even disappearing. My skin feels hydrated and more plump than before. It’s as if I actually had a facial at the spa! The following day my skin remains radiant and it is all because of this amazing sheet mask! Such incredible results from only one sheet mask.

After using my last sheet mask, I decided that I will definitely repurchase this amazing mask in the future! As mentioned earlier, I am a sheet mask enthusiast, and have tried many Asian and Western brands. This sheet mask works like 4 mask in 1! It provides numerous results, something usually only achieved when cycling out multiple types of sheet masks. (Which is very expensive!) However, although this mask may seem costly, the comparative price of multiple masks will take much more out of your skincare budget! The quality this sheet mask provides it is totally worth it!

You can get your own Starskin The Master Cleanser Detoxing Sea Kelp Leaf Face Mask at for €14,95 (for Dutch citizen) and at for €16,10.

Do I look pretty with this sheet mask on? (:

Thanks a lot for reading x

Edited by Sarah Cook 

Cult Beauty Ltd.


  1. June 8, 2016 / 20:02

    Lovely post! I’m a huge fan of sheet masks as well xx

    • thebeauparlour
      June 10, 2016 / 00:07

      Thankyou for reading! Yeah they give me the best spa feeling and I can scare my sister when I wear it :p

    • thebeauparlour
      June 14, 2016 / 20:50

      Dankjewel voor het lezen!

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