Spectrum Collection Brushes

Spectrum Collection Brushes

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 I just had one of “those” days. We have all experienced one of “those” days!  A day when, after you finally get home, you still aren’t quite sure about what you want? Yet you know you truly need to treat yourself to something special after a long day. If you’re like me, you  are very familiar with hard work, and   just how important it is to acknowledge  your own efforts. I’ve found this to be an effective, fun self-motivation technique! BeautyBay.com is my favorite site to visit when I’m on that mission. Scrolling while admiring all of the gorgeous beauty items and thinking to myself, “Hmm… Is this something that will fulfill my desire to reward myself?”  So, last week I was window shopping and I immediately saw this brush set on the homepage. The colors demanded my attention; I had to click on it! I knew that I had found that special gift to myself, so I ordered the Spectrum Collection Attention Seeker Brush set! Let’s take a look!

 The Spectrum Collection Attention Seeker brush set comes with 10 pieces, actually providing all  of the essential brushes! I am thrilled that I had the opportunity to buy these amazing brushes; the colors are so cute and captivating! Initially, I was a bit skeptical because, unfortunately, aesthetically pleasing brushes are usually not the best performing brushes. However, I’ve found that this Spectrum set does contain high quality brushes!


The bristles are so soft, I not sure what words to use to even describe them. I’ve been to some Tom Ford (and other high-end brand name) counters, where I was able to feel their brushes. This set is much more affordable and has the exact same, luxurious feeling. Why spend €30,- for just one brush, when for only €52,70 you can have 10 amazing brushes with the ability to create a full look! You aren’t just getting the soft bristles in this set, either. The bright colors and cohesive look of this collection is incredibly adorable. I must admit that THIS was the main  reason I bought the set (I didn’t even read the reviews!) It is just so unique that I had to purchase it!

DSC01469 DSC01472

A01 – Large Domed Powder Brush. This is the biggest brush of the collection. A large round, fluffy brush for applying finishing powder or bronzer to your face.


A05 – Small Angled Blush, perfect shape for your blush, contour powder or bronzer. I find it very convenient when angled brushes are included in a set! This shape allows for an easily applied, yet excellent resulting look on the cheekbones.


B01 – Flat Top Buffer, this might not be my favorite brush of the set. I find that the bristles are actually too compact for my personal preferences. It’s a stippling brush for applying the foundation of your choice, creating the “base” of your look. It can be used for liquid foundation, powder based products or bronzer. (I find that the density of this brush complicates the application of my liquid foundation. However, others may consider the density to be a good feature.)


A06 – Large Fluffy Shader. I received my package and this was the first brush I tried out. It’s a great size! From my experience, I find that  shader brushes are often a bit too small. This brush is perfect for applying shadow all over the lid.


B03 – Buffing Concealer. This is a cute, mini-sized buffer brush for concealer. I’ve never owned a concealing buffer brush before. I usually use my fingers to blend my concealer. I’m curious if this will work for blemishes or the under eye area. Buffing brushes are known to be great at applying product in one area, while not removing any previously applied product from the same area. They can also be used with powder to minimize the appearance of pores.


B06 – Tall Tapered Blender. This was also a brush which I used immediately upon receiving my package. I own several other tapered blending brushes but this one is taking it to the next level! Because it is so fluffy and soft, I suspect that it blends better than other brushes.


B04 – Small Angled Blender. Another brush which I couldn’t wait to use! I actually prefer this brush over the AO6 Large Fluffy Shader because it provides me with more control over application.


A15 – Lip Liner. A brush for lining and filling in your lips. This kind of brush isn’t made for me, honestly. I never use them, they barely even get  touched. However, the brush is of great quality! I will be gifting this to my little sister.


A17 – Angled Brow, the tool which creates the #browgame. An essential for many people to get their brows on fleek and set the line straight! Or arched! Or whatever suits your style!


A09 – Angled Eyeliner, to create the slick cat eyeliner look. I find that this particular brush is still a bit too thick for an eyeliner brush. It could really be better if it were thinner and not so tapered on the end. This is my opinion, and perhaps it may be a winner for others. Everyone seems to have their own method of applying liner.


All of these brushes are made from the highest quality synthetic hair. Vegan and Cruelty Free, there were no unicorns harmed in the making of this set. I am trying to pay more attention to products which are vegan or cruelty free. I feel better when I know that no animals were harmed to produce a product.

 The brushes are among the most gorgeous brushes I’ve ever seen! Spectrum Collection sells many other sets which I would encourage you to look up. They produced a Mermaid collection that includes a shell brush case! The Mermaid set is even more beautiful than this set, but also more expensive. I first had to investigate the quality and performance of these brushes. If I find them pleasing and use them often enough, I might also purchase the Mermaid set!

You can get your own set from BeautyBay.com for €52,70 or at the official Spectrum Collections webshop for €50,66.

Which brand is your favorite for buying makeup brushes?

Thanks a lot for reading x


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