Neulii AHA Brightening Serum review [Jolse]

Neulii AHA Brightening Serum review [Jolse]

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 Lately I’ve been so stressed out! In the evening I am so tired that I can’t even clean my skin properly. You know what happens with your face when you’re stressed out: pimples and a dull face. Luckily I received this Neulii AHA Vita Brightening Serum from to test out. Neulii is a new Korean skincare brand and they needed a few people to test their new products. Let’s see if this serum can make my skin even and bright again! ships all over the world, for free! They offer all the great Korean cosmetics brands for a really good price. If I compare them with my eBay sellers where I used to order from, the prices are the same or even lower. Beside the price it is very convenient to order all your favorite brands at one place and receive them in one package instead of waiting for a few separate orders. Now you also have a good excuse to place more orders: every order you place at you will recieve credits. With these credits you can get discount on your next order and you can even save all your credits for a huge discount.




Neulii is a new Korean skincare brand. They released 5 types of serums: Brightening, Blemish Control, Anti Wrinkle, Pore Tightening and the Soothening serum. Each of these serums are 100ml and the ingredients they use are most of them natural ingredients. I think they offer a great range suitable for everyone. There is a serum for literally every kind of skin problem.



The bottle is made out of plastic with a soft coating on the outside. To get the serum out of the bottle you press on a pump, which is amazing because it is more hygienic. I expected a different presentation of this brand because I am usually used to cute or colorful packaging from Korean brands.


 On the side of the box they have an English description box *yaay*. Finally you can understand how to use this product and what the ingredients are. I struggle with Korean products because some of them only have a Korean instruction on the box so I always had to Google the product to find the best way to use it.



 The consistency is transparent and liquid. When I pumped an amount on my hand I instantly noticed the smell. I am not the best person to describe how somethings smells but this was terrible. It was a combination of a snail and an old sock. The product is new and never opened before, so the product is in perfect condition. But for you and others who are interested in this product, I will still test this product even when it stinks.

You can use the serum in two different ways: 1) pour the product on a cotton pad and apply it on the face 2) pour serum in your hands and tap it into the skin. I prefer to use a cotton because I don’t want the scent sink into my hands. I use the serum only at night before I go to bed.



The first few times I didn’t notice anything, my skin became even worse! Dry patches and an irritated skin in the morning with red bumps. I was so afraid to use this product again but maybe my skin had to get used to it. So after a while when my skin was recovered from this serum, I used it several times again at night before going to bed. This time I was so much happier than before. When I woke up I instantly noticed that my skin looked more radiant. I still had a dry skin but the results became better. The last time I used the serum my skin looked radiant and I didn’t have any dry patches or red bumps!

I would not repurchase this product only because of the scent. It was a disturbing scent which made me stop using this product for a while, but I had to know if the serum had any good results for my skin. Because the results were good as they described, I would recommend this product to anyone who want to improve their skintone. sells all of their serums for $17.12 but you can get it now for $14.55. If you are interested in this serum you can buy it here from their webshop!

What are your first thoughts about this product?

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  1. May 21, 2016 / 08:42

    Oh I love using! I love all the free samples they give and the sales they have. Shame this serum smells like “snail and old sock” omg that sounds so gross haha I’m so sensitive to smells so I think I’ll pass on this! But glad you got to try this out!

    • May 21, 2016 / 09:08

      Thankyou for reading babe! <3 hahah i was so excited to try this out until the smell came out haha!

    • May 22, 2016 / 13:30

      Youre welcome! Thanks for reading ((:

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