ALPHA-H Liquid Gold with Glycolic Acid

ALPHA-H Liquid Gold with Glycolic Acid

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Today I am going to talk about one of my Holy Grail items: Alpha-H Liquid Gold! I’ve got so much love for this product because it does so much for you skin! I use this product more than over a year now and it still works, I see results every time I use it. Let’s see why this is my favorite.

I first heard about Alpha-H when I saw someone taking a picture of this on Instagram. It was a famous fashion blogger and she told in the description box that this was her favorite night treatment. I saw this product several times on her Instagram so I had to know why it was so amazing.

When I consider to buy a skincare product I always read the reviews before I buy it. I immediately saw that the Liquid Gold had won several awards! Beside the many awards this product had won, I am always looking for something new. I never used a glycolic acid based product because I was too afraid that my skin will get even worse. But because of the many good reviews and the awards this products has achieved I had to try it!


The bridge between the beauty counter and invasive procedures, Liquid Gold is an award-winning revolutionary resurfacing treatment that uses a state of the art, low pH delivery system to effectively diminish wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage. Praised by the beauty elite, our best selling ‘cult’ product works like an ‘overnight facial’ to brighten and revitalise tired, ageing skin, and radically improve the appearance of the complexion. Clinical studies show that in just 20 minutes, Liquid Gold increases moisture levels in the skin, improves wrinkle depth and reduces skin roughness.

For mature, sun damaged, prematurely ageing and for acne-scarred skin

Perfect for those lazy girl nights
This no-fuss, one-step facial is a toner, exfoliator, serum, and moisturizer; just wipe it on and leave it, it’s that easy
Salon results. One step. Simple.

5% Cosmetic Grade Glycolic Acid
Licorice Extract
Silk Proteins

Apply Liquid Gold onto cleansed skin each alternate evening. Moisten cotton pad with solution and apply to face, neck and décolletage. When the skin is touch-dry apply your preferred Alpha-H moisturiser or serum. For an intensive treatment do not follow with a moisturiser or serum.



The consistency is like water because it’s actually a ‘toner’. It doesn’t have a weird or chemical smell so it’s a pleasant product to use at night. With other products I experience really heavy chemical or fruity smell, so bad that I can’t even sleep. With this one I don’t experience that.

I use my Liquid Gold every other night, only in the evening so the product can really  work into the skin. I pour some of the product on a cottonpad and then apply it on my face. With the cottonpad I make circular motions and I put the focus on my forehead and cheeks. You may notice some tingly sensation on your skin because the glycolic acid will hurt a bit at the beginning.  I avoid the eye area because the skin around the eye is gentle.

After I apply the Liquid Gold I never use a moisturizer! On the bottle its says that when you only use the Liquid Gold the product will deliver more results. I only use eyecream because I don’t apply the Liquid Gold around my eyes. The last important thing to do is enough sleep! I noticed when I have a short night of sleep that my face looked less glowy than when I use it over the weekend when I at least sleep 7 hours. After you wake up just do you regular routine but don’t forget to use sun protection! Your skin is really vulnerable for the sun radiation now because the top layer is removed and is renewing now, so always use SPF the next day!



The results after a short time of period is that my skin looks glowy and it feels super soft. Red spots or pimples are starting to face or are dried out. You may notice that your skin start to peel because it’s renewing but it will stop after a short time, especially the nose area.

After a long time of using the Liquid Gold I noticed that my big deep pores are smaller! I always have a huge problem with my cheeks because that the area were I have a lot of scars and pores. The scars are less darker and some of the old scars disappeared. My complexion looks more even and the surface of my skin is more smooth. It is also the perfect product to use at night when you are lazy. Just clean your face and apply it and go directly to sleep.

Because this is my Holy Grail item I will keep it short: everybody needs this! As you can read it really works and the results are stunning. You have to be patience to really notice any difference but after using it a couple of times you will start to see progression. I have 4 bottles as a back up because had an amazing offer, that’s how much I love this product.

 You can buy the Liquid Gold 100ml at for €39,80! They have a great offer now: buy one 100ml Liquid Gold, get one free! If the offer is not available anymore you can get the Liquid Gold here.

What do you think about this product? Did I convinced you to buy it? ((:

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