Nudeite Parfum

Nudeite Parfum

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Lately I have been trying to pay more attention to the products I use. I get a better feeling when I know what kind of ingredients a brand uses. Especially because my mom is really sick, so we can’t use specific products at home. So everyone in this house became more aware of what we use and eat. It all has an effect on your body.

I received some products from Nudeite Parfum. They are a perfume brand but not like the others. They created their perfume bottles out of ceramic instead of glass and use the minimalistic Japanese way of creating perfume. Besides the vessel they only use the best natural ingredients to create their perfume. Especially for my mom it is good to know that she can use this without any harm.

I was really excited to try this out because of many reasons. The first reason is: look at the beautiful ceramic vessel. I mean, you can even use this as a decoration piece at home. The second reason is that they think eco friendly: you purchase a perfume vessel and you can reuse it every time, store another perfume oil in it. And the last reason is that it is good to know what kind of ingredients you use. When time passes you want to take more care of your body. That is why you need to stand still and think about the products you use in or on your body.


Nudeite Parfum:

” Our brand ‘Nudeite Parfum’ is essentially a contemporary, handmade, natural perfume house and design collective, soon to be launched in the UK and Europe.

We have focused our brand on beautiful, non-disposable, handmade ceramic vessels, filled with natural perfume oils. Each vessel can be refilled, reused..kept and treasured, collected again and again, while the perfumes themselves ooze a raw, simple, honest and nonchalant aesthetic (made with only natural/organic essential oils and absolutes).

Our aesthetic is focused on a minimal, simple almost Japanese approach to perfume. Our range includes perfumed body butters, solid perfume as well as our glorious perfumed oils. “



 I received the ceramic vessel with the perfume oil in a bottle. They packed this really neat and carefully so the product won’t damage when it is on your way. This scent is called “No. Eleven”.






This ceramic vessel is such a special design. They created a wand applicator into the lid to apply the perfume oils on your body. I think it is a unique way to apply your perfume. Not only is it a fun way to apply it, it also looks amazing as decoration when you put the lid on the back. The negative thing is that you can only keep this vessel at home, it is not travel proof but it doesn’t matter: it looks amazing! The scent “No. Eleven” that comes with the ceramic vessel smells sophisticated. My boyfriend loved this scent!





This is the solid perfume I received from Nudeite Parfum, it’s called “Kiss the Sky”. From the outside it looks like a beautiful rock but when you wiggle the two parts that are connected with magnets you will find the solid perfume on the inside. This is such a cute item and easy to take with you on the go.

I can’t really describe what it smells like but I am really picky when it comes to scents. But this one smells really lovely: you do notice that this solid perfume contains a lot of natural ingredients, a combination of nature and pure oils. Instead of the vessel this one is travel proof! But be aware that the stone is also delicate so be sure that you store it in the special design pocket you receive.




Personally I think that Nudeite Parfum did a really good job. I am really excited about the solid perfume stone but the ceramic vessel would be more appropriate for home or as a decoration piece. The solid perfume scent is really pleasant, I tried it twice and I think the scent stays really good. It doesn’t feels sticky on the skin and it really gives a nice scent. The ceramic vessel with the perfume oil was gorgeous, but I prefer the fragrance and packaging of the solid perfume. My boyfriend did really enjoy the scent “No. Eleven”.

When I applied the oil onto the skin it stayed for quite a long time, which is a good thing. Compared to the solid perfume the oil stays longer but I prefer using the solid one.

I recommend this perfume brand to anyone who is at a point in their life that they want to use products that don’t harm the body or want to use organic ingredients. This is also amazing to someone who loves simplicity or the Japanese handcrafts. I use the ceramic vessel as a decoration piece at my room and the solid perfume for the nice lazy days when I want to pamper myself with a natural fragrance.

Nudeite Parfum is just starting, they launched their website today. If you’re interested in their products, please visit their website!

Click here to visit their website and here for their Instagram!

– I received these items from Nudeite Parfum. I gave my honest opinion. –

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  1. SarahC
    April 23, 2016 / 12:03

    I love everything about this! How cool ! There are different fragrances, I’m assuming? So you could get an oil of one and a solid to use on the go! The packaging is gorgeous, I love the classy, minimalist style to it & it’d look beautiful on my vanity. Even the grey box it comes in is cute…. Thanks for sharing this, An! A+ post! Gonna go check out their site. I wonder if they make fragrances for men?

    • April 23, 2016 / 12:08

      Its a great concept and I love how they look! I have to say that the scent is suitable for men and women because my bf really liked the oil and the solide perfume. But the vessel has a speciale place at my room, it has an really sophisticated look and it makes my room look more stylish haha! Thanks hon I always try to make interesting post, to be honest I really don’t like how the pictures show up on my screen ): they look better in real life

  2. April 23, 2016 / 12:18

    Wow! so this may be the coolest blog post of the day 馃檪 I love the idea of using the vessel to apply the perfume oil on to the skin.

    • April 23, 2016 / 12:45

      Hehe thankyou! it is indeed an gorgeous product I am so happy I had the change to test this. X

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