Lady Green Cleansing Micellar Water

Lady Green Cleansing Micellar Water

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When I was young my mom told me that I had to watch out what kind of products I used on my skin because a lot of the time you don’t know how it is produced or where it comes from. That’s why this brand created their products especially for young girls!

Lady Green is a brand that’s creates organic skincare and makeup products for young girls. They don’t test their products on animals, the packages are recyclable and the brand is Ecocert certified. At a young age it is important to know what you put on your face. When you purchase something from Lady Green you know you buy something that is honest and organic.


I received the micellar cleansing water to test it out (Thank you Lady Green NL!). I’ve been using micellar water for quite a while. I started with the Lancôme micellar water and recently I received a tester from Caudalie. Both worked very well but it is nice to try something out that is organic and not tested on animals.

Can we all take a look at this amazing super cute package? I mean, how can you not resist purchasing this flowery package? It will be a great gift for someone’s birthday

Micellar Cleansing water is a cleanser that gently cleanses your skin and eyes in one step. You don’t need to rinse your face after you use it so it is an easy way to clean your face. Use a cotton pad to apply the micellar water to your face and neck.


The consistency is literally like water. The organic ingredients are aloe vera, witch hazel, neem, apple and pomegranate. The aloe vera, neem and witch-hazel removes the impurities and makeup while soothing the skin without making it dry. The apple and pomegranate brings your skin radiance and freshness.

When I first tried it out the scent took my attention. I like fruity scents but this is something that doesn’t smells chemical or fake, it has a real and not to overpowering apple scent. I took one cotton pad and poured the micellar water on it. I had a full glam makeup face that day when I tried it out. It took all my foundation off without any problem. My eye makeup and lipstick were a different story because I always use waterproof mascara and I used a matte liquid lipstick that was all dried up on my lips. But my face was clean and even when I used a toner there was not much dirt left on the cotton pad. My face felt soft and I had no dry or pulling feeling on my face, which I usually have when I clean my face with a cleanser gel.

Overall I really like the idea behind this brand and the products they have. Not only young girls, but also when you start to get older you want to know what kind of ingredients you use on your face. The micellar water is friendly to use and has an amazing fruity scent. You just need one cotton pad to cleanse your whole face. When you don’t use any waterproof products it will also work for your eyes and lips, but I had to remove it with a separate oil based remover. My face felt clean and soft and I didn’t have any dry patches afterwards, which I usually have when I clean my face.


Personally I think that 150ml is not enough for a micellar cleansing water. For cleaning my whole face and heavy eye makeup I need one whole wet cotton. It would be better if they sell bigger bottles because you might finish this bottle fast because the other micellar waters I owned were usually 250ml. I would recommend this not only to young girls but every woman who wants to use organic products. This product will work for every skin type and it is easy to use. Perfect when you are too lazy like me to walk to your bathroom: one simple step and your face is clean!

Click here to visit the Lady Green NL Instagram and here for their web shop!

– I received this product from Lady Green (Puur Company) to test it out. I gave my honest opinion about this product. –

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