KIKO Milano Nail polishes

KIKO Milano Nail polishes

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Today I am doing a review about the nail polishes from the make-up brand KIKO Milano. I’ve discovered this brand when I was in Rome, and now they have 2 stores in Amsterdam! They sell everything a girl needs: brushes, eyeshadow, make-up removers, lipstick etc. But my most favorite item they sell are by far the nail polishes. I think they are the best drugstore nail polishes I have ever owned. Enough introduction let’s talk nail polish!

I own 7 different nail polishes from KIKO. I absolutely love the pink/mauve tone and the bold green/blue one for the spring. They literally have every color you could ever imagine. Sometimes they even have special collections with special finishes like matte.


Let’s compare it to some other drugstore brands, like Essence and Catrice. The thing that makes KIKO stand out above these 2 is the longevity. This nail polish will stay atleast 5 days without chipping. Depending on your behavior and what you do with your hand, you could wear this for more than a week without any problems. Usually after 7 days I have to remove my nail polish because it starts chipping and because of my long nails it starts to show some cracks. Another great thing is the shiny finish. This will stay for the entire time you wear the polish, where if you look at some other brands they lose their shine fairly quickly.

I love the finish it offers, it has a hardening and a strengthening formula! You will need only one layer to cover everything, but I like putting on a second layer. Just to be sure. Because of how quick it dries you will be back to your everyday business in no time.

The nail polish comes in a little bottle which holds 11 ml(0.37 fl.oz.) which is more than enough for me. The brush has the perfect size, 3 swipes and you are set. The bottle comes in a normal shape so easily stored.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 11.52.54

The price is normally at 3,90 euros which is already a good price, however now they have an even better offer: just 2,50 euros! The nail polish has over 760 positive reviews on their website and is labeled a Bestseller, which is a sign that you should really try it out.

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  1. March 6, 2016 / 14:59

    i love kiko eyeshadows and other makeup bits,
    i never new they done nail polish, i really want to try these now.
    this is a lovely post :)???? x

    • March 6, 2016 / 15:16

      U should try them! They are a m a z i n g !


      • March 6, 2016 / 15:18

        i think i will,
        the only thing is when you order online from kiko theres a min spend of £25! x

        • March 6, 2016 / 15:19

          Awwh I didn’t know that, lucky we have a store here in The Netherlands. KIKO is trying to get big in Europe so hopefully you will get a KIKO store nearby soon ^^

          • March 6, 2016 / 15:22

            My nearest one is london which is like 2hours away 🙁 your lucky!! x

  2. misslaven
    March 7, 2016 / 06:49

    I have a store here too, but I never really compared the nail polishes to the regular brands. Reading your review really makes me curious to do a comparison ????

    • March 7, 2016 / 08:41

      You really should try them out!! X

  3. March 16, 2016 / 00:49

    Nice review! My mom loves this brand!

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