Fake Eyelashes by Beautygloss

Fake Eyelashes by Beautygloss

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Today I will do a review about the fake eyelashes by Beautygloss. She created her eyelashes together with the famous brand Eylure. For this collaboration she created 3 kinds of eyelashes: Fluffy, Pretty and the Silky.

I purchased the Pretty and the Fluffy but I will do my review about the style Fluffy because I think they are one of a kind and they are not easy to compare with other brands. Also because this one looks more dramatic and I want to see if these are wearable for only parties or also for casual meetings.

These lashes are exclusive available at the drugstore called Etos. This store is like the Superdrug and the Boots in the United Kingdom and the CVS in the United States.


At first sight, the packaging looks really adorable: pink with hearts on the background. They grab your attention when you walk through the alley in the store. They are really affordable but they are more expensive than the Ardell lashes or the Broadway lashes. Both the lashes I purchased were 7,99 euros. The Ardell cost 5,99 euros.

When I saw the Fluffy lashes, I was a little bit afraid about the band: it looks thick and hard to bend. The other styles had a thin band and looked more comfortable to wear. But first let me try it out before I judge.


The lashes are included with lash glue, they are not the best glue I used but they work just fine. I tried to bend the lashes but they didn’t really shaped to my eyes. So I tried them on to see if they fit.


Okay, it was really hard to glue them close to my eyelash line because the band was not that flexibel. But when I tried it for the second time it worked. I still see that the ends are sticking out of my own eye line but I am glad that they are glued on. The feeling is a little bit too heavy for me,  but I will only wear these for a special occasion but not for everyday. They do look really “fluffy” and are not dramatic as I thought. For the look I will wear these, but not for how they feel on my eyelids.


  • Comes with glue
  • Affordable
  • Quality is great
  • Don’t need to cut the ends


  • Band is not really flexibel
  • Glue is mehhh

Overall I like the Fluffy eyelashes by Beautygloss a lot! I like how it looks on me and they look amazing. I will only wear them for parties or when I go out. If the band was more thinner and more comfortable I would wear these also in the day!

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