Makeup HAUL: Dior, Chanel, Estee Lauder, Eylure and Starskin

Makeup HAUL: Dior, Chanel, Estee Lauder, Eylure and Starskin

Hii everyone!

Today I went shopping in Alkmaar in The Netherlands, with the goal to purchase new false eyelashes. I thought that I wouldn’t spend much money, but I was wrong.


I went to the Etos where I purchased 2 sets of false eyelashes of the brand Eylure, a special collaboration designed by the famous Dutch Beauty guru Mascha (Beautygloss). Then I went to the ICI PARIS XL, they had an amazing discount offer. When you purchased 3 or more make up items you received 30% off! Well, no girl can ignore that offer. I picked out the Chanel Style Eyeshadow in 127 Laurier Rose, Dior Colour & Contour Waterproof in 157 Iris and the Estee Lauder Lash primer Plus. Last of all, I purchased two Starskin items at the Douglas: the VIP Illuminating Luxury Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Face Mask and the Foaming Peeling Perfection Puff.

Eylure has 3 kinds of eyelashes that Beautygloss designed. I picked out the “Pretty” and the “Fluffy”. The other one was too natural (looked like the Broadway or the Ardell ones) so for me it was not worth it to purchase the natural style. My favorite one is the Fluffy: it is made of 2 layers which makes it look feathery. They are affordable but the Ardell ones are cheaper. These are 8 euros each. I still have to see if they work for me.

Eyeshadow doesn’t work for me, my eyelids are soooo oily that after a couple of hours my eyelids are a MESS. Even when I put on primer potion from Urban Decay. So I only wear eyeshadow for an event or special occasion. So when I saw these eyeshadow sticks, I couldn’t ignore them. The color (127 Laurier Rose) is so lovely pink/peach with subtile glitters, and even when I try to smudge it, it stays on my hand when I swatched it. Before the discount it was 29euros, after 20,30euros.

So, the Dior is the exact same story but better: it has two sides, one for the eyeliner and the other for the lids. The liner is a dark blue color and the shadow stick is a metallic purple/blue/silver. This one was 35euros and after the discount 24,50. This one is Waterproof and the Chanel isn’t, but when I tried to wash my hands both didn’t come of.

I owned a lot of lash primers because my own lashes are so thin and tiny, I need a primer otherwise the lashes don’t pick up any mascara. I almost tried every lash primer except for the Estee Lauder. So it was time to try the primer of Estee Lauder. It was 22,45euros before the discount and 15,71euros after.


I don’t need to say anything, everybody knows that the items of Starskin really works for everybody. If you haven’t tried anything from Starskin yet: please do! I purchased the VIP Illuminating Face Mask and the Foaming Peeling Puff. These mask are made out of Korean ingredients, you can compare these mask with the more expensive Korean Brands like Laneige or Hanskin. So I am really curious if it works for me. The puff I already owned once time and I fell in love immediately!

How much did I spend today:

  • Chanel, Dior and Estee Lauder: 60,51 euros (saved 25,94 euros)
  • Eylure False Lashes: 15,98 euros
  • Starskin: 24,90 euros

Total: 101,39 euros

I will let you know how I experience these products soon in a review.

Thanks a lot for reading x

Love, An


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  1. February 27, 2016 / 20:20

    Greetings Anneman!

    So delightful to be here! I enjoyed reading your post. Quite informative. The only part which left me scratching was the euro value. I thought, Claudia, just stop being lazy and search the net for a conversion site so that you can determine how much everything cost! Did I do that? No. Well, not yet! 馃檪

    I found the comment regarding your eyelid interesting, as far as it being oily, incredibly oily. Mine used to break-out after an application of eye shadow. No that I use BB Creme primer consistently, I haven’t experienced another pimple feast! Thank goodness, as I am obsessed with eye shadow palettes!!!

    Am headed to your YouTube channel. Mine is Claudia’sUniverse if you’d like to join me there! 馃榾

    Hoping to see more of the Netherlands in your writings and in your videos!!!



    • February 28, 2016 / 09:55

      Thank you for the amazing comment! I’m still lookin for the right eye primer that works for me, which one do you use? And are the products that I purchased more expensive than were you live now? I’m not really active on my YouTube channel but I’m working on it haha. I will follow you there and I will place a new post soon.

      Thanks for reading X An

      • March 2, 2016 / 22:27

        You are most welcome, An! My pleasure!
        In eye and skin primer, I use BB Creme primer, a product I found at Wal-mart. As for the price of the products, I couldn’t determine how much yours were metrically. The BB primer is under $10.00. If you tell me what the conversion is for some of yours, I can then say whether or not my products are cheaper!
        As for the YouTube channel, I understand. I have a queue of videos that are waiting to be edited and that many more on the drawing board. So yes! But I LOVE it!!!
        This year, I’m due for my first Canon 70D, the camera of the BIG YOUTUBERS and the vlogging camera of choice, the Canon Powershot S120. Oh! And let’s not forget to add the MacBook Pro 13 with a new version of Final Cut Pro!
        What do you use? Your video looks wonderful!
        Thank you so much for following me on YouTube, An!!! I am most appreciative!
        Definitely let me know when you post! I’d love to see it!

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